Wednesday, June 13, 2012

step one

Im back!...Sort of
and yes, I'm a cat named muffins.
ok, not really, this is me:
(with short hair, but still me)
I Know...not as cute as muffins

so, I am back but here's the catch, I do't know how I want to do things on this blog anymore. I'm not very fond of this "everyday blog-posting" thing because frankly, there's not always something interesting to post, and more importantly it takes away from my excitement to post something when there is something awesome!

The story.
when I'm gone (from this blog, that is) I feel sort of liberated. I have the freedom to do what I want and not blog about it. But the longer I stay away, the more I miss it. (and it's been nearly 2 weeks this time!)
but since I broke my number of day chain, I don't know where/how to start when I get back to posting, so I don't. Even on the awesome adventures I've had(ie camping, getting contacts, beaching), I haven't posted a thing.

I created this blog as a creative release. To motivate art/activity and to write about my life.
but I took on wayyy too many things on at once. I took on a day to day deadline to post something interesting. I wanted you to know about my endeavors whilst training as well as crafting and decorating and baking and photos. I was going to school and working and already having a hard time fitting "life" in my tight schedule. So every now and then I "lost hope" and gave up. I'm not allowing myself to go down that road again.

I love blogging. It's one of my real passions. but I need to do this the right way.

So I am back, but things are going to be a lot different.

Step one:

  1. from now on, there is no blog count.

Why? because that's not the point. there's no race to the how many posts I have. I should really start thinking about content rather than the rush to the next post.

and now here's a questionnaire:

give me some tips. I know all of you are real pro blog-readers/writers and I know you can give some awesome input.

where am I lacking?
what do you like about my blog?
what do you want to see more of?


  1. BTDubs I love your hair short, you look so cute:)

    Also, I love this die, I think I'll start doing THIS again.

    Love ya

  2. Cupcakes are way cuter than Muffins. :)

  3. woohoo i love you both! and cupcakes are awsome