Since this is also the beginning of the year, it's the perfect time to write my list of goals, wish lists, and resolutions. I am not suddenly a new person, but from what I know, it's a daily process that makes you into something new.

  1. train for a half marathon
  2. run a 1/2 marathon
  3. Take more pictures
  4. craft more
  5. become a better baker
  6. get an A in all my classes
  7. learn how to ride a motorcycle
  8. go camping
  9. be part of a bible study group
  10. blog everyday for a year
  11. get 100 followers
  12. sky dive
  13. wear makeup and dress nicely
  14. decorate my house (room by room)
  15. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  16. visit my mom
  17. make $600 more each month
  18. stitch more sweaters
  19. go to church every Saturday

Wish list:
  • new running shoes
  • Cannon7D 
  • motorcycle
  • desk
  • warmer wetsuit
  • Garmin
  • entire "new" wardrobe (getting there) 
  • chandelier
  • stand up mixer
  • twinkle lights
  • jewelry tools
  • new run-wear (getting there) 
  • bike shorts
  • new backpack


Less procrastination
be more healthy
stop apologizing
be more active
make new friends