Sunday, June 24, 2012

Destination: France

bonjour! je suis (avec ma soeur) en France! it was a long trip to get here and ive had less than 3h of sleep, but it is well worth the trouble! (and the trouble was half the fun!) im currently im Lyon just finishing my late dinner of meat and wine with a side of ice cream for dessert!

here's a tidbit from the "Journey" to France:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

step one

Im back!...Sort of
and yes, I'm a cat named muffins.
ok, not really, this is me:
(with short hair, but still me)
I Know...not as cute as muffins

so, I am back but here's the catch, I do't know how I want to do things on this blog anymore. I'm not very fond of this "everyday blog-posting" thing because frankly, there's not always something interesting to post, and more importantly it takes away from my excitement to post something when there is something awesome!

The story.
when I'm gone (from this blog, that is) I feel sort of liberated. I have the freedom to do what I want and not blog about it. But the longer I stay away, the more I miss it. (and it's been nearly 2 weeks this time!)
but since I broke my number of day chain, I don't know where/how to start when I get back to posting, so I don't. Even on the awesome adventures I've had(ie camping, getting contacts, beaching), I haven't posted a thing.

I created this blog as a creative release. To motivate art/activity and to write about my life.
but I took on wayyy too many things on at once. I took on a day to day deadline to post something interesting. I wanted you to know about my endeavors whilst training as well as crafting and decorating and baking and photos. I was going to school and working and already having a hard time fitting "life" in my tight schedule. So every now and then I "lost hope" and gave up. I'm not allowing myself to go down that road again.

I love blogging. It's one of my real passions. but I need to do this the right way.

So I am back, but things are going to be a lot different.

Step one:

  1. from now on, there is no blog count.

Why? because that's not the point. there's no race to the how many posts I have. I should really start thinking about content rather than the rush to the next post.

and now here's a questionnaire:

give me some tips. I know all of you are real pro blog-readers/writers and I know you can give some awesome input.

where am I lacking?
what do you like about my blog?
what do you want to see more of?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is what I've been up to. ART.
Three days of bliss. NO work, No school...this is the life.

but I guess three days is not that long, tomorrow will be the last (and even today I had to study for finals) but at least I had some ME time that was way over-do.

I cleaned my craft room and organized some things.

Th photo above is of a box (almost finished) that I made for my fabric (trying to make everything in my room pretty) I got the idea from this post on a beautiful mess. I love the color combo and the geometric shapes are da bomb!

I'll give u a shot of the finish product and let me know if you want a tutorial!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

240th-10h shift

I had work from 12 till 9 today and boy was that crazy!

The Cafe had a party for it closed around 5ish for the dinner set-up.

I was one of two cooks and holly camolly, making dinner for 50 people by orrde can get pretty hectic!

all-in-all, it was a good and long day!

3 mi run easy

YES that's right y'all! I went for my first run in 3 weeks! I loved every second of it!

I had NO ACHES and made pretty good time (though I made it slow to be sure not to injure)

thanks for listening!

Friday, May 25, 2012

241st-mini climb

seriously, there was nothing too special about this day.

I worked 'till 8pm and later hung out with my dad. then headed to the gym to climb for about 30 min (yay!)

Loren bought stools for our house and now we can eat at the counter instead of on the couch, big improvement.

I'm planning for my TREE DAYS OFF next week (monday tuesday wednesday) and here's what I have so far.

  • surf the small waves
  • hike 
  • yoga
  • climbing gym
  • take pictures of things I like

Ok,well, I guess SOMETHING happened today...

hair cut!

What do you think?
how often do you cut your hair?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

242nd-Core Class

My new addiction: Core Class with Amy.

My aunt and I are now weekly regulars. I love the vibe, Love the burn, and I love the time of day.

Getting a good workout before 9 always makes for a good day. Even though I have work around 12, I end up getting more done before then because of this class. Today I even squeezed in some climb and blogging. Awesome!

This is added to my list of things I'm keeping n my training schedule =]

Thank you for listnening. also, for this summer I plan to

  • road trips (at least 3)
  • camping
  • climb/boulder day trips
  • surfing
  • hikes in yosemite/pinnacles
  • FRANCE (3 weeks)
  • work
  • sun tan
This is my first real summer of travel and fun since I started college. I am so sosososososososososos excited.

Any other fun summery suggestions?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

243rd-last thing

The last thing I wanted to do today was go to school.
The sun was shining, there was a little breeze, and the ocean was glittering with the sun's reflection. And, Loren was suiting up around 10 for a nice morning surf and the LAST THING I wanted to do was pack my bag and head to school.
But I did. And I'm glad.

It's one of the last days of "real school" and come on... It's the least I could to actually show up.

And well, I was really happy to ride my bike, even though it was really hott.

Only two Finals left.

wish me luck!

this is where I want to be this summer:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Seriously... NOTHING special.

but lets just hear what's on my mind today.

I'm really itching to run. And since I can't, I eat a lot. Really, I am craving everything, and to tell you the truth, I'm sort of enjoying the luxury of eating. I've been chomping cupcakes, cliff bars, huge amazing salads, and chocolate. But in no way has this replaced running. =[

In place of running, yoga has been my fallback plan. Marie got this amazing yoga matt and it seems to always be out nowadays since I'm using it constantly.
this is what I'm practicing:

I've only gotten to a "forearm handstand"...soon.

From this whole "break" from running, I've learned a lot of things about myself and I'm going to try to incorporate a few things once I start training again.

  1. my legs actually feel a lot stronger once I healed from the race and stayed "off" my feet. Really, I can feel a HUGE difference just riding my bike or walking around. I think this has to do with the fact that while training, I stopped "resting" and "stretching" enough. So, in lieu of that, I will make sure I rest between each run and focus more on quality of the runs rather than the mileages of my weeks. I know I say this over and over again, but I think I've learned the hard way and I can't afford another injury.
  2. I'm going to start doing at least 30 min of yoga in the morning to really loosen my muscles so they can heal properly each day. And after each run, I will stretch, use a foam roller, and ice if needed. This is seriously important so my ligaments don't tighten up and cause pressure injury.
  3. I'm bringing water with me on each run, no exceptions. I've noticed that hygrations has had a major affect on my rebound between each run. I didn't want to have any "extra" weight, but I really need to make a huge difference on my consumption of water. period.
Those are my 3 major points that I want to focus on in order to improve my endurance. Also, since I'm almost officially out of school, I will hopefully get more sleep. 

Thank you for listening!

What's your favorite yoga pose?
-Plank. booya!

Monday, May 21, 2012


I had school today. And before that... I finished an essay, studied in math, and began writing my captions for Journalism class... I didn't manage to get to English on time, but I did hand in my rough draft (which I'm sadly not too happy about)

Math went smoothly, I got an 84% on my math exam (finals are next week) and my teacher is happy with me =]

and here was my Journalism Final:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

246th-Stand-up paddling

So, after my last day of work for this week, I was sooo excited to hear that loren wanted to take me stand up paddle surfing.
we got there at 5 and the place closed in an hour but the sun was still up till 8 (and apparently there was also an eclips...which I totally didn't check out...that would have been awesome)

stand up surf is sooooo different than normal surfing. First of all, your standing up the entire time and Loren kept on every other sentance I heard "aww fuck" then SPLASH. I was laughing soo hard.

I managed to catch one wave...on my butt (like you do while on a skate board)

Overall I had a BLAST and I can't wait to do it again...

About training... I think my feet are about ready for a jog...I'm going to test the waters on wednesday, or maybe earlier. I don't want to push myself into another injury, I just want to see if I can start training again... I miss it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

247th-Something about a bike

I just LOVE riding my bike. Seriously, if I could die doing something it's either be that or running (but don't be afraid, I'm not too reckless)
Lately I've been really cautious about my safety while riding and always wear my helmet, have my tires pumped, and lights when the sun's not out (or when it's foggy)

Bet, biking is also something that I get really burnt out doing. When it's twice or three times a day and its hot and I smell at work and school...I can get really hate my bike.

but all is good.

What's your favorite sport?

Friday, May 18, 2012


This is when work gets me down. When I stayed up all night studying for school when I have to wake up at 5 for yet another day at the Cafe. Booya! and it was another long day for me. Luckily Loren went shopping and bought me red velvet cupcakes. This will fuel my happiness.

I apologize for the week lacking of posts...we still haven't gotten are internet up so I am squatting at cafes (including my own) to get a post in every chance I can.

Thank you for our patients.

What's your favorite cupcakes?
-Any thing Loren buys me, and lemon with raspberry frosting.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

249th-core class!

I went to my all-time favorite core class at the the gym today! It was amazing as always.

My aunt has been begging me to hang out for a while now, but I just have been putting it off because of work/school. And now I'm happy to say that I took her to her first class this morning! And she loved it!

quote "I thought it was easy at first, the class was full of old ladies and I though it was going to be a piece of cake. then about half way through, everything started to burn. I am definitely coming back!"

anyways, I haven't been getting great exercise lately, just biking around town, work, and school. So this class was great to really get some toning in, and I felt great after.

( I still can't wait to get into my running shoes again, I miss it soooo much!)

thanks for litening!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

250th-saved by the bell

well, not exactly... more like"it's nice to be excused early fromwork because I have schoo,except school can sometimes suck too" go figure.

I have work at 6:30am this morning and stumbled out the door just in time (only because I had the car) and then I left early for school and dropped thecar off at home for loren and biked to school and made English class.

but let'sback up a tiny bit. Last night, I DIDN'T finish my essay. I litterally dozed off on my keyboards and woke up realizing that even if I tried to write any longer, it would all be gibberish and nothing worth turning in for a grade.
That night, I slept like a baby...for a total of 4h...booya!
but I woke up to nightmeres... I tried to think of a plan to finish, check, and print my english paper within the total of 0 minute I had to fit anything in. Basically, If my teacher wasn't going to accept latework, I was skrewed.

But no, I'm the Idiot in this situation (thankfully) and didn't know it wasn't due until next MONDAY! seriously! today was (apart from being sleep deprived and freaking out about my math exam that I did not study for) AMAZING!

ok, now, I'm off to my last class of the day and then finishing the paper tonight. no questions.

What stupid things haveyou been up to lately?
-I put the milk in the cubbords.bad idea.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

251st-holly bageeses

So,this wasone of those day that I would be totally comfortable to delete from my memory... completely!

I went to bed at 2:30 last night with loren on our "marathon movie night" of The Underworlds. BAD IDEA.

Guess what woke me up at 5:00AM THIS MORNING? my alarm clock.I had work 6 so I was on my bike by 5:30. (though it was a beautiful ride, and perfect riding weather, I'd rather dwell on the badness of this desasterous day instead of focussing on the possative...sorry)

Igot to work, andby 7:30 I realized wehad a no-show co-worker and nobody to replace. wow. that means double the work, and that statrs to cut into my stress pretty well. (though, I did manage, I still went through hell and back)

By the time I got off work (also 2h later) I was dizzy with fatigue. But instead of a needed eternal nap, I had to sit infront of my computer and starrt/finish a 7pg research paper/final for my english class...due the next day. Not to mention I had stupidly offered to cover a (yet another) 6am shift in the morning. This left me axactly 8h to write my final, leaving 4h spared just for nice.

WOW what a day. and how did I survive? I think really, It was that glimps of the morning sunrise that was the only thing that made me smile (and loren offering to pick up my day from the airport so I could sleep/study. THANK YOU!)

...Ok, enough of all that. let's curl up in a little ball and eat chocolate cake while watching p.s. I Love You Say Possative!

What's your favorite movies lately?
-P.s. I love you, Underworld(2 and 4), Yes man

Monday, May 14, 2012

252nd-long days

After a long weekend of work and family visits I am completely tired out, and no, I am not wanting to go to school for 9h.

soI didn't. I went to Charlies for lunch/bfast with lorens fam (which was amazing!) instead of going to English (oops)

I'll later realize this was a BAD IDEA!

funfact: I ate a bar/muffin for a snack then readon the mackage itsaid "meal in a cake" I'm not sure if I'm allowed to snackon bars all day,what's wrong with me? (and who in their right mind could replace a meal with a bar?)

what's on your mind lately?
-coton de telear! (it's a dog that orriginates from Madagascar, and you wont believe how flipping cute they are!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

253rd- Mothers day!

yeah, this was a pretty awesome day.

I headed to work at 9am.

made my mom  and lil brothers some brunch at 11
(the menu was french toast and strawberries for the boys, and zuccini and sausage scram for my mom)

I got off work early (that never happens on SUNDAYS) and headed to hang with Loren's fam (mom, sister, gramp, and gram) at a pizzaria down town Santa Cruz called Kiantis. They where done with luch but "pressured" me to order a cheese raviolis with pesto to go. yeah, they're awesome.

I got Lorens mom a box of chocolates from Marinis and I ate half of it, easy.

we hit up the Capitola lighthouse for some needed sight seeing, which was a must.

Then we went to saturn cafe for dinner at 8.

what's on the menu?: 
I got a huge fried tofu salad and finished the entire thing. (the tufu tasted like a savory donut, which made me laugh)
gram and gramp got cups of tomato soup and nachos to share and the mom got soup salad combo.
sister got a cup of mac n cheese (which I eventually ate thank you very much)
and Loren got strawberry pancakes yumm!

oh, best thing ever? I got a lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting (ill let you know how that was, I was too full to eat anything, but couldn't resist)

What was your mother's day like?
awesome (I have two awesome moms)

what did you get your mom?
#1 free brunch and coffee

#2 box of chocolates

p.s. my friends step mom was in labor today. I just had to let that out because I think babies are awesome and mother's day is even awesome-err.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I woke up at 6 am this morning so I could take photos of SOS in the HUMAN RACE!
 I ended up biking 13.6 mi round trip and it was amazing. 

but lets backtrack a little bit. (or see whats in the future)

I'm signed up to do the Mermaid TRIATHALON in capitola.... no biggy, wrong! this is AMAZING!

well, my aunt asked if I'd do it with her (more like I asked if I could join her the moment she presented the topic) and now I'm ultra excited! 

I'm doing the sprint tri (aka a tri for the unexperienced)
  1. 600 meter swim
  2. 13.2 mi bike
  3. 2. something run (dope!)

Things I'll be up to:
  • running (by next week hopfully, still feel that ankle)
  • biking (and not just to and from work, but 13mi accross town, just for fun)
  • swimming (this is where I am completely out of the loop, I can barely swim 100meters)
  • stretching
  • water
  • food!
  • sleep

ok, the end of the list are the basics, but these are just as important for training than the first three.

Actually, my "off time" in training seems to be the part where I need the most work on. (learning the hard way on that) 

for ex: because I overdid my training, I injured myself and now I'm paying for it big time! and it sucks! I wake up wanting to go for  jog and instead take out that "well hidden" box of chocolates. ok, not entirely true, I usually pull out some YOGA moves on my living room floor orbike to the gym first, but the box of chocolates finds its way in, since I'm on a "break" with running.

oh well, life's life... 

what's your favorite go-to chocolate treat?

mine is definitely 85% dark chocolate bar from New leaf or Chocolate/peanut butter cliff bar or chocolate soy milk. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


That is ALL I've been think about.

  • When are my feet going to heal
  • ouch my ankles hurt
  • ughh I wish I could run, stupid ankles!
Seriously, It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm near depressed. I can barely walk right let alone run =[

yesterday I did the elliptical for the first time. I thought this thing was for people who want to "pretend they're working out, but really they're just reading a magazine. 

But HOLLY CRAP! I was DRENCHED with sweat by the end of my 20 minutes. Seriously, someone even commented how gross I looked (exactly what I want to hear). The thing I'll say though (like many things) you have to push yourself with the elliptical. Sure you could do a nice and easy 20 min without breaking a sweat, but if you really want to gain from it you need to working for it. 

So, I'll definitely be doing that again (it did kinda strain my feet still, so maybe I'll turn it down a notch)

Have you ever tried the elliptical?
What's your favorite workout to do? least?

BTW, I still don't have internet, that's why I've been posting at awkward times and they are also a bit shorter. Hope you still enjoy!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

256th-Runner's Face

Ok, what you're about to see is going to make you feel so embarrassed for me that it will make you laugh, or maybe cry. Seriously, I don't even know why I'm showing these, but maybe it will encourage you to race? or, perhaps it will shy you away from running all-together.n Either way, I hope you enjoy a good laugh.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Ok, maybe they're not THAT bad, but I did kinda hope for a more "Diva" finish. Guess that didn't happen. 

Oh, fun fact:
both of my shoe laces decided to "untie" near the halfway point. I didn't fix that, and I luckily managed not to trip. But that was NO FUN.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

257th-my next race

training for a race and actually racing it are completely TWO DIFFERENT things.
Even though I've been training this entire time for this 1/3 marathon this August (and my 5K was actually part of the training) I waited to actually register for the 1/2 'till after my FIRST RACE.

So the question is, will I register? HECK YES!!
I LOVE RACING> I think I like it even more than training for one (which I love more than anything) and I can't WAIT 'till me next race.

I actually looked up my next 10k (which will be announced soon) only 1h after my 5k. Seriously, I'm addicted.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


ok, so today was nearly the exact repeat of yesterday but with MORE work and LESS school.
Got up at 5 and worked 'till 2:30 yay!
so, let's add the amount of hours of sleep I've had since saturday: 11? and the amount I should have? 24. yep, I'm doomed.
My legs BURN with each step, and my ankles are aching all day long. Luckily I found my trusty Tiger Balm cream (why hadn't I thought about that earlier) and applied it all over my legs 500 3 times. oh yes.

So, next time?

  • don't plan to work + school right after a race 
  • stretch before + after race (more like yoga)
  • bring water everywhere (this is something I never do)
Like a true beginner runner, I tried to get away with breaking all the rules expecting to turn out alive ok. Bad Idea. Those rules are there for a reason (and you DON'T have to learn them the hard way) just listen to your body and try to follow these simple steps.

  1. drink lots of water 30 min before and after race (water+electro lights). keep hydrated during training as well, this will improve your progress, I know from lack of experience. 
  2. get a goo night of sleep. especially after the race. this is your recovery time, where your muscles are actually healing. It's actually not AS important before the race (except for energy wise).
  3. sunscreen
  4. stretch!
other than that, it's really about preference. what you use for energy (food, coffee, sport drinks etc)=] 
I hope this was enlightening!

btw, as obnoxious as it is, I could talk about this race all day long (and that medal, why can't I wear it everyday?) 

What's something obnoxious (and self loving) that you can't stop talking/thinking/dreaming about?

Monday, May 7, 2012

259th-Monday horrors

yes, that's right. I had a horrible monday.

I woke up, once again, at 5 am to BIKE TO WORK and then BUS to SCHOOL at 12.
I ended up skipping my last class (sorry journalism!) because I could barely keep my eyes open.
not what you want to be doing the day after a race (most important thing to recovery is SLEEP)
I ended up taking a nap from 5-10 (and freaked out when Loren got home bcause I thought it was past 5am the next morning and I would be late for work) talk about dillusional.
I was actually able to fall back asleep within an hour after sleeping already 5 hours (beat that!)

fun fact: My internet got turned off Monday (todays post date) so my blog went on another hiatus...once again.

Let's end on a happy note:
aka happy panda note =]

No Training this week. period.

I'm "off my feet" for this entire week, repeat ENTIRE week, to let my legs fully heal.
I know, a big fat 3 entire miles can do some damage (talking to those marathon runners out there) ...sarcasm. but to me, they have (because I'm not yet a marathon athlete.)
I'm not sure if I told y'all, but a week before my run, I was having major prablemos with my feet hurting/swelling. well, the fat race took a fat toll on me (and this lack of sleep is not helping) so I'm making myself "rest".

I'm still "allowed" to do other activities (bike, climb, surf etc) but running/jogging is a big no-no.

with that said, thank you for listening, and I hope to hear what YOU have to SAY.

What awesome/crazy piece of clothing to you consider awesome?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

260th-race day

Ok, so RIGHT NOW Im pumped!
I just had an amazing race and come to find out, amazing results, but lets first start from the beginning.

25:26. 6th overall, 11th female, 1st in my age devisoion.
 7:49/mile PR
Totally kidding (too excited, had to skip to the end), those where my results so you now can stop reading if you want (but you shouldn't cuz I have a lot of great stuff to say)...plz don't =]

I managed to spell my name wrong AND give them the wrong e-mail when I registered.
anyways, let's get serious:

To REMIND you, I ran the DIVA 5K in San Francisco Bay today.

I got up at 4:00am (after sleeping zilch hours: nervous, Loren, and 5 de mayo...duh) After driving 4h there and back yesterday, I wasn't TOO excited to have a repeat roadtrip in two days (but I ((Loren)) didn't want to sleep alone in SF ((1 in 4 woman get raped = no bueno statistics and I didn't need to raise those chances...I know, TMI, but ysafety first!)) so I decided to man up and do the double trip.

first stop: gas (thank you F and S for lending me your car, Pruis = $25/tank) and I also got coffee. thank the lord.

since I drove up the day before, I had all the "getting lost issues" then, so today I was early/ontime. I got there at 6:25 sharp.

This entire time, my stomach was in knots, seriously, I felt like turning back every minute. but I didn't. I stuck to it, and I AM PROUD to say that I FINISHED!.
back to the race...

we (1348 racers) took busses to the start up line, which went smoothly. It was SUPPOSED to begin at 7:00 for halfsies and 7:45 for 5K, but that did NOT happen. It took a REALLY long time to get all the chatterbox DIVAS to the start-up (probably due to the amount of people and less because of un-organization, but definitely a mix of both) this bummed me out, but not enough to blow the fuse.

  • 1/2 marathon started at 7:30
  • 5k 7:52
so, at the start-up, I somehow ended in the middle of the un-organized crowd when I probably (definitely shouda coulda woulda) put myself out front. I had to SQUEEZ by 30-40 sardine packed crowd to even start running. It may have shaved off some of my time. may have.

and then I was off. Seriously, I was true spirited running, it was amazing. I passed by many many 5K's and 1/2's in the first half mile. my real competition where little 12 year olds (dayyum do the have baddass cardio, where do the train? haha) but seriously, I didn't catch up to my "real" competition 'till the last mile. 

The turnaround was REALLY confusing. the 5k obviously had a different route and had to do a loop and actually get through the crowd to start running to the finish line. 

about my last 1.5 mi I was really statring to "feel the speed" I was dry heaving (water please?) my stomache was turning over itself (puke much) and then...there was a smell of sewage...great, like really? 3 runners managed to pass me at this point (all at different times) then there was a fourth. but...

here's another shit storm (exaggeration due to my frustration), they said the race ended at the begining. so I was relived to see the pink gate. Low and behold, it was .2 miles FARTHER and you had to run up to the sidewalk first. SO CONFUSING! Sadly (and greatfully) this really messed up the lady up ahead (4th passerby) and she slowed speed as I picked it up. 

Finish line:
we where first greeted with cheerleaders, the crowd, a bowa and tiara, a rose, and WATER! (i chugged the entire bottle like a wild animal), then the metal given out by shirtless fire fighters (seriously?).
I was swearing the entire time (sorry not pg13 for those in the crowd) because I was mad about the "finish line change" and the PAIN I was undergoing. (yeah, I was kinda a baby)

and then pictures...what? I first said no (red+sweaty = not photogenic), but they insisted. 
It took forever to get my hair "just right" (lol yeah right) and I was off in a jiffy. There was FOOD and BUBBLY(champagne and gingerale) yum. [sorry, no pics. I really wanted to feel my first race out, see if I even like racing, before I got all "blogger on their a@$!"

so here's the overall race review:

  • parking: not sure, I parked on a side street for free (booya!)
  • transportation: fast and easy to find
  • start: late and sooo many people in such little space. too crowded for my likings (maybe you should choose a smaller race if you don't like crowds Melissa.) 
  • race: very beautiful and flat. good first race or even just for fun. it was a bit hot so it would have bee nicer to start earlier. It was really pretty running by the bay but there was definitely a sewage plant near, and that mad me nauseous. The turn-around was weird, but I'm not too upset, I still got to the finish.
  • Finish: WTF? ok, maybe it was my mistake to think it ACTUALLY ended at the begining, but having to run through bushed to another path to even see the finish was not what I expected. But the cheerleaders and crowd def made up for that, they where AWESOME.
  • Volunteers/crowd/racers: exceptional. definitely motivational and really spirited!

overall? I give this race a 6/10 for a "serious runner" and a 8/10 for a "just for fun runner" 

I had a great time, and I would DEFINITEL do it again (shh don't tell that to the Melissa who actually ran the race and felt like barfing on the crowd at 3.25 mi)

but seriously, a great experience with great results.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

So it's here, it's happening...finally.
I feel like I have been training forever just for this day, and now I'm terrified. yeah it's only 3.25 mi but it's also the competition (inner and outer) that I'll be running for.

At the expo, I felt like I was going to faint I was soo nervouse. the people, the crowds, the stands, the lines... I was taking everything in it was almost overwhelming. I was in and out in a jiffy.

I have no pictures of my package, and since this is my first expo (and I don't really know what to expect) I'm not going to give much of a review. And I can sum that up in one word: PINK

I just want to say thank you for all of the support, and I hope your rooting for me!
let me show you what I'm made of:

package deal that comes with running and climbing (and some weights) 
I know...right?

Tomorrow, I'm getting up at 4:30 (I know) so I can be at the race by 7. now for some beauty sleep.

What are you doing for cinco de mayo?

Friday, May 4, 2012


I heard someone say yesterday that "when I'm surfing in a foreign place, I never hesitate; I don't fear the unknown waters. I see the great waves and I jump in the water. but here (at home) I always feel like things are "owned", that I need to fear the places where the pro go. Here, I stick to only what I know"

ok, so they didn't say exactly that, but I was jotting down notes at the moment. I was just being nosey.

To me this really shined light on a lot of things in my life.

Yeah vacations are meant for being more relaxed and layed back. And new "foreign" places are meant to be explored. But when it comes to being home, I often see a pattern of reclusiveness. For me, I don't get out as much. I rarely explore my home and even fear it at times. This is something I want to work on, to climb those walls and enjoy the home that I have.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

262nd-frozen yogurt

makes my life worth living!

well, let's start with the morning.
I did a LOT of talking on the phone PLANNING a lot of this SUMMER.

Then I went to work...all day.

but guess what, Loren picked me up, and drove strait to the best place on the world. Frozen yogurt.

end of story.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

263rd-tan line

so I did get a sunburn after all! it wasn't until 9:30 last night that I even realized my loptised tanline (make sure to adjust your bathing suit top before you decide to pass out in the sun for an hour) yeah, it's crooked, and I got pretty burnt. but at least I tanned my stomach a lil.

ok, so here's what's really on my mind. I have my first race in FOUR DAYS. I haven't ran all week up 'till today, and my ankles where not satisfied (they still ache, and Loren is still mad that I'm "running" on an injury) part of me knows I should listen to his advice, but the other just wants to man up and do what I want: run!
I'm in sort of in a panic mode. Even after this race I have a 10k to get ready for (6.2 mi) and I'm not "ready" for that mileage yet.

things I need to master:

  • mental healthiness durring my runs
  • recovery after runs
  • more mileage
  • stretching!
...and drink 3X more the least.

oh, I forgot to share my latest buy/creation:
(Finally I stop talking about my race i can get annoying!)

So, I bought this shirt from HE>i (check them out, they're amazing!)
but... they only had a size large left to ship :/ biggy right? wrong, it was huge!

but no tears where shed, I just decided to take it to my craft room! aka my living room couch. it took me  a few hours to get it right (not as easy as I thought) but I love the finish product!
I trimmed and hemmed the bottom and I tied fabric to the back (and a lil stitch here and there)

and I'm wearing this shirt to my first 5k race!!! (ok, I lied, I'm still going to talk about my race!)

on that note...

2 mi easy REALLY easy
biked to and from school =]

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

264th-yesterdays aftermath

Good Morning!
it's 5 am in santa Cruz and I'm going to work. yay.
I don't even remember taking this photo because of the morning daze but it turned out quite all right.

I worked 'till 2 and sped my way home to get to the beach asap.
and then I passed out with a good book sun tanning for an hour. glad I didn't burn.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Back from Hiatus

deep breath. ok, I can do this.

this is what I told myself when a set of giganto waves rushed there way towards me. (giganto meaning 4 ft high... I know HUGE!...right?) this is also what I told my self four minutes ago as I sat down to right this post. Basically I tell myself this every single day: running, biking, homework, going to work, school, sleep etc. it's all the same. a deep long sighing breath and then a motivational phrase such a s "yo go gurrl!" or "you got this!"

but lately, everything hasn't been ok. I've been feeling lost, worthless, and off track.
all this time I've been running from a panic attack. There's been one around the corner everywhere I go in everything I do. Nothing drastic has happened in my life, except that NOTHING has happened. I've been on this plateau in life where nothing seems to be going ANYWHERE. I left my blog in the dust, I'm STILL living paycheck to paycheck, I've been "slacking" on school (still getting A's, no worries), work is monogamous, and worst yet (in my pov) I haven't PR'd in running for 1 month. Actually, I seem to be getting worse. This past week I literally ran myself into injury (both my heels are stiff and piercing with pain with every step) and I'm 6 days away from my first race ever. so I got to this point in my life where all I see is the bad, and everything sucks.

this is what I was thinking as I sat in the water today holding on for dear life as HUGE waves where coming my way. and that's when I had a panic attack. I closed my eyes (dummy) and I cried. I finally stopped running from my panic attacks and just sat there and let it happen, and boy did it feel amazing! Seriously, I know it's not common to hear "woo hoo, I love'd that panic attack!" but this one was belated. It was less about the deadly waves and more about a release. I let out all the fear, anger, anxiety, and stress that I've been holding up inside me for TOO LONG. After six or seven waves of that it was over. The water had settled and everything was calm. the quiet after the storm. It was done. not more panic attack.

I took another deep breath, and this time I knew I could do it.

After that I surfed my one and only wave of the day and went in. I felt different. New. almost whole again. and that's when I realized that I was going to get back on track. I was going to get back to my lovely blog. I was going to let my body heal and take a few rest days before my race (still strengthen, just not worry about getting in my miles.) I was ready to be me again. and Damn does it feel great!

0 running

I lifted at my house (I used 4 textbooks as my weights, and now my legs are
surfing...more like running from waves...

thank you for listening, and your patients =]

Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm in Tahoe baby!

today, I woke up at 9 and went for a run (1mi just for a cool down for yesterdays longy.)

anyways, lets back up a smidgen... last night we (Loren and I) stayed up 'till 3:00 am. Everybody else stayed up 'till 6:00am. So... early start was not gunna happen. (well, a few unnamed people of da party didn't wake 'till 12:00) so... this made a no go for the slopes. no biggy, Loren and Ii had other plans...
Canoeing around Lake Tahoe! we happened to stay at a friends house who's backyard looks like this:

 We made sure to take a map with us
 And Loren showin' off his sixpack.
And then dropping his shirt...oops
 And ofcourse I'm just awesome.
This was like the MOST AMAZING VIEW OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Yeah, so, what where you doing around 10:00am today??
then we had some good brecky:
Have you ever tried that jam? so weird, and well, I actually didn't like it, but still, I still advise to try things that are new. you never know what you'll end up with. Either way, a good breakfast is always a the best way to start your day. amen.

It gave Loren and I a LOT of ENERGY! or maybe it's just Tahoe. (yeah, that's a pathetic pile of snow, but it's still awesome!)

We hit up the huge city of tahoe (aka ski rentals and tourist joints)
Then we stopped for some more yummers...

After  headed to watch the hunger games. Which was ACTUALLY a good movie. did not expect that.
funny thing is, Loren and I had a really great day, even though we didn't get to the snow. We where together and just had fun. but the day was not over yet, we later met with more friends...

And went to the pier to watch the sunset
 and be really cute

and then not so cute:
we decided to go shopping for food instead of eating out. Our hotel has everything (kitchen, hott tub, and b-fast) ...our friend had a free ride =]. But we still like to budget since this trip is still pretty pricy ($91

and then we had some real dinner:
(more than just a plate...soo good!)

I hope your doing well, I'll keep updating, but as for now.. I'm off to sleep...(need to get my ski on tomorrow)
good night!