Sunday, May 13, 2012

253rd- Mothers day!

yeah, this was a pretty awesome day.

I headed to work at 9am.

made my mom  and lil brothers some brunch at 11
(the menu was french toast and strawberries for the boys, and zuccini and sausage scram for my mom)

I got off work early (that never happens on SUNDAYS) and headed to hang with Loren's fam (mom, sister, gramp, and gram) at a pizzaria down town Santa Cruz called Kiantis. They where done with luch but "pressured" me to order a cheese raviolis with pesto to go. yeah, they're awesome.

I got Lorens mom a box of chocolates from Marinis and I ate half of it, easy.

we hit up the Capitola lighthouse for some needed sight seeing, which was a must.

Then we went to saturn cafe for dinner at 8.

what's on the menu?: 
I got a huge fried tofu salad and finished the entire thing. (the tufu tasted like a savory donut, which made me laugh)
gram and gramp got cups of tomato soup and nachos to share and the mom got soup salad combo.
sister got a cup of mac n cheese (which I eventually ate thank you very much)
and Loren got strawberry pancakes yumm!

oh, best thing ever? I got a lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting (ill let you know how that was, I was too full to eat anything, but couldn't resist)

What was your mother's day like?
awesome (I have two awesome moms)

what did you get your mom?
#1 free brunch and coffee

#2 box of chocolates

p.s. my friends step mom was in labor today. I just had to let that out because I think babies are awesome and mother's day is even awesome-err.

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