Friday, May 11, 2012


That is ALL I've been think about.

  • When are my feet going to heal
  • ouch my ankles hurt
  • ughh I wish I could run, stupid ankles!
Seriously, It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm near depressed. I can barely walk right let alone run =[

yesterday I did the elliptical for the first time. I thought this thing was for people who want to "pretend they're working out, but really they're just reading a magazine. 

But HOLLY CRAP! I was DRENCHED with sweat by the end of my 20 minutes. Seriously, someone even commented how gross I looked (exactly what I want to hear). The thing I'll say though (like many things) you have to push yourself with the elliptical. Sure you could do a nice and easy 20 min without breaking a sweat, but if you really want to gain from it you need to working for it. 

So, I'll definitely be doing that again (it did kinda strain my feet still, so maybe I'll turn it down a notch)

Have you ever tried the elliptical?
What's your favorite workout to do? least?

BTW, I still don't have internet, that's why I've been posting at awkward times and they are also a bit shorter. Hope you still enjoy!


  1. You might pay attention to your alignment when you run. Its really important during other sports so I assume it could help with running too. Pain usually comes from doing it wrong.. (like me locking my knees in standing poses in yoga).. look into it.

    Answers: Elliptical: blahh Favorite Workout: Hardcore Vinyasa Flow (ouch!)
    Least Favorite: Running! (ha)

  2. haha my least favorite workout would have to be yoga right now (too hard for me to get in the "zen" no bueno. I want to get back in into that this summer!

    yess, I think I have a weird posture when I run, I should look into finding the "right" way to run, it will definitely help.