Wednesday, May 16, 2012

250th-saved by the bell

well, not exactly... more like"it's nice to be excused early fromwork because I have schoo,except school can sometimes suck too" go figure.

I have work at 6:30am this morning and stumbled out the door just in time (only because I had the car) and then I left early for school and dropped thecar off at home for loren and biked to school and made English class.

but let'sback up a tiny bit. Last night, I DIDN'T finish my essay. I litterally dozed off on my keyboards and woke up realizing that even if I tried to write any longer, it would all be gibberish and nothing worth turning in for a grade.
That night, I slept like a baby...for a total of 4h...booya!
but I woke up to nightmeres... I tried to think of a plan to finish, check, and print my english paper within the total of 0 minute I had to fit anything in. Basically, If my teacher wasn't going to accept latework, I was skrewed.

But no, I'm the Idiot in this situation (thankfully) and didn't know it wasn't due until next MONDAY! seriously! today was (apart from being sleep deprived and freaking out about my math exam that I did not study for) AMAZING!

ok, now, I'm off to my last class of the day and then finishing the paper tonight. no questions.

What stupid things haveyou been up to lately?
-I put the milk in the cubbords.bad idea.

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