Monday, May 7, 2012

259th-Monday horrors

yes, that's right. I had a horrible monday.

I woke up, once again, at 5 am to BIKE TO WORK and then BUS to SCHOOL at 12.
I ended up skipping my last class (sorry journalism!) because I could barely keep my eyes open.
not what you want to be doing the day after a race (most important thing to recovery is SLEEP)
I ended up taking a nap from 5-10 (and freaked out when Loren got home bcause I thought it was past 5am the next morning and I would be late for work) talk about dillusional.
I was actually able to fall back asleep within an hour after sleeping already 5 hours (beat that!)

fun fact: My internet got turned off Monday (todays post date) so my blog went on another hiatus...once again.

Let's end on a happy note:
aka happy panda note =]

No Training this week. period.

I'm "off my feet" for this entire week, repeat ENTIRE week, to let my legs fully heal.
I know, a big fat 3 entire miles can do some damage (talking to those marathon runners out there) ...sarcasm. but to me, they have (because I'm not yet a marathon athlete.)
I'm not sure if I told y'all, but a week before my run, I was having major prablemos with my feet hurting/swelling. well, the fat race took a fat toll on me (and this lack of sleep is not helping) so I'm making myself "rest".

I'm still "allowed" to do other activities (bike, climb, surf etc) but running/jogging is a big no-no.

with that said, thank you for listening, and I hope to hear what YOU have to SAY.

What awesome/crazy piece of clothing to you consider awesome?

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