Thursday, May 24, 2012

242nd-Core Class

My new addiction: Core Class with Amy.

My aunt and I are now weekly regulars. I love the vibe, Love the burn, and I love the time of day.

Getting a good workout before 9 always makes for a good day. Even though I have work around 12, I end up getting more done before then because of this class. Today I even squeezed in some climb and blogging. Awesome!

This is added to my list of things I'm keeping n my training schedule =]

Thank you for listnening. also, for this summer I plan to

  • road trips (at least 3)
  • camping
  • climb/boulder day trips
  • surfing
  • hikes in yosemite/pinnacles
  • FRANCE (3 weeks)
  • work
  • sun tan
This is my first real summer of travel and fun since I started college. I am so sosososososososososos excited.

Any other fun summery suggestions?

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