Tuesday, May 15, 2012

251st-holly bageeses

So,this wasone of those day that I would be totally comfortable to delete from my memory... completely!

I went to bed at 2:30 last night with loren on our "marathon movie night" of The Underworlds. BAD IDEA.

Guess what woke me up at 5:00AM THIS MORNING? my alarm clock.I had work 6 so I was on my bike by 5:30. (though it was a beautiful ride, and perfect riding weather, I'd rather dwell on the badness of this desasterous day instead of focussing on the possative...sorry)

Igot to work, andby 7:30 I realized wehad a no-show co-worker and nobody to replace. wow. that means double the work, and that statrs to cut into my stress pretty well. (though, I did manage, I still went through hell and back)

By the time I got off work (also 2h later) I was dizzy with fatigue. But instead of a needed eternal nap, I had to sit infront of my computer and starrt/finish a 7pg research paper/final for my english class...due the next day. Not to mention I had stupidly offered to cover a (yet another) 6am shift in the morning. This left me axactly 8h to write my final, leaving 4h spared just for sleep...how nice.

WOW what a day. and how did I survive? I think really, It was that glimps of the morning sunrise that was the only thing that made me smile (and loren offering to pick up my day from the airport so I could sleep/study. THANK YOU!)

...Ok, enough of all that. let's curl up in a little ball and eat chocolate cake while watching p.s. I Love You Say Possative!

What's your favorite movies lately?
-P.s. I love you, Underworld(2 and 4), Yes man

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