Saturday, May 12, 2012


I woke up at 6 am this morning so I could take photos of SOS in the HUMAN RACE!
 I ended up biking 13.6 mi round trip and it was amazing. 

but lets backtrack a little bit. (or see whats in the future)

I'm signed up to do the Mermaid TRIATHALON in capitola.... no biggy, wrong! this is AMAZING!

well, my aunt asked if I'd do it with her (more like I asked if I could join her the moment she presented the topic) and now I'm ultra excited! 

I'm doing the sprint tri (aka a tri for the unexperienced)
  1. 600 meter swim
  2. 13.2 mi bike
  3. 2. something run (dope!)

Things I'll be up to:
  • running (by next week hopfully, still feel that ankle)
  • biking (and not just to and from work, but 13mi accross town, just for fun)
  • swimming (this is where I am completely out of the loop, I can barely swim 100meters)
  • stretching
  • water
  • food!
  • sleep

ok, the end of the list are the basics, but these are just as important for training than the first three.

Actually, my "off time" in training seems to be the part where I need the most work on. (learning the hard way on that) 

for ex: because I overdid my training, I injured myself and now I'm paying for it big time! and it sucks! I wake up wanting to go for  jog and instead take out that "well hidden" box of chocolates. ok, not entirely true, I usually pull out some YOGA moves on my living room floor orbike to the gym first, but the box of chocolates finds its way in, since I'm on a "break" with running.

oh well, life's life... 

what's your favorite go-to chocolate treat?

mine is definitely 85% dark chocolate bar from New leaf or Chocolate/peanut butter cliff bar or chocolate soy milk. 

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