Monday, May 14, 2012

252nd-long days

After a long weekend of work and family visits I am completely tired out, and no, I am not wanting to go to school for 9h.

soI didn't. I went to Charlies for lunch/bfast with lorens fam (which was amazing!) instead of going to English (oops)

I'll later realize this was a BAD IDEA!

funfact: I ate a bar/muffin for a snack then readon the mackage itsaid "meal in a cake" I'm not sure if I'm allowed to snackon bars all day,what's wrong with me? (and who in their right mind could replace a meal with a bar?)

what's on your mind lately?
-coton de telear! (it's a dog that orriginates from Madagascar, and you wont believe how flipping cute they are!)

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