Wednesday, May 2, 2012

263rd-tan line

so I did get a sunburn after all! it wasn't until 9:30 last night that I even realized my loptised tanline (make sure to adjust your bathing suit top before you decide to pass out in the sun for an hour) yeah, it's crooked, and I got pretty burnt. but at least I tanned my stomach a lil.

ok, so here's what's really on my mind. I have my first race in FOUR DAYS. I haven't ran all week up 'till today, and my ankles where not satisfied (they still ache, and Loren is still mad that I'm "running" on an injury) part of me knows I should listen to his advice, but the other just wants to man up and do what I want: run!
I'm in sort of in a panic mode. Even after this race I have a 10k to get ready for (6.2 mi) and I'm not "ready" for that mileage yet.

things I need to master:

  • mental healthiness durring my runs
  • recovery after runs
  • more mileage
  • stretching!
...and drink 3X more the least.

oh, I forgot to share my latest buy/creation:
(Finally I stop talking about my race i can get annoying!)

So, I bought this shirt from HE>i (check them out, they're amazing!)
but... they only had a size large left to ship :/ biggy right? wrong, it was huge!

but no tears where shed, I just decided to take it to my craft room! aka my living room couch. it took me  a few hours to get it right (not as easy as I thought) but I love the finish product!
I trimmed and hemmed the bottom and I tied fabric to the back (and a lil stitch here and there)

and I'm wearing this shirt to my first 5k race!!! (ok, I lied, I'm still going to talk about my race!)

on that note...

2 mi easy REALLY easy
biked to and from school =]

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