Saturday, March 31, 2012


ahhhhhhh....that's better =]
The comfort of my own home camera.
boy do I LOVE being in control of everything I capture and having an actual respectable outcome.
I do admit, yesterday did feel a whole lot like blogger style but I can't live without the quality of a good photo. It's like where I find satisfaction. Without quality is like a run with no water or a climbing in skinny jeans. It's just not satisfying (and for the fisrt example kind of a death trap)
any how, I am going to be using a little bit of both (since I can't bring my Nikon DSLR on a 10 mile run). And even if I don't get the quality with my point and shoot, I'll still get the substance, and that's what counts =]

Today I did run. But NOT with my new shoes. I still am trying to "work" them before I take them for a stroll if you know what I mean. They're new, and very stiff and I can only see a blister coming out of that equation. So lets just see today as my LAST day with my 5 year old "everything" shoes. It's sad yet exciting.
NOT as exciting as this photo:
yes, that's what I look like after. Running's not always hott. nope
 lets take a moment of silence:
oh, and yes, that used to be completely white. 
 one more thing, I got this shirt from the thrift store today for a buck. thats $19 less than a "real store" ca-ching!

Thank you so much for all your support.

How long have you had your running shoes for?

Friday, March 30, 2012


Look what I found in the mail today! Thanks Joslyn!
well, to corect myself, Loren found it, since he was being amazing today and GOT  THE MAIL.  yup he's da man! more points for him.
On that subject... Loren FINALLY got what he wanted:'
no, not a bowl of cereal. but I think he's gone through at least 40 just to get he crunch on!
(not my photo)

and then he got THIS in the mail:
and oh my gosh was he a chipper one.
(not my photo)

and then, he kinda sorta calmed down...

soo... I'm not sure if you noticed my HORRIBLE photo quality, but if you have (which I hope you did) since that's exactly what I wanted: To smother you with awfully greatness of MY FIRST AND ONLY POINT AND SHOOT which also arrived in the mail today. (feels like christmas) Marie sent it to me so I can have a go-to camera for my runs (yes! expect lots of photos from my jogs and races) and I love her very much for it. And I also got a little excited with the "awkward self portraits" but oh's just a splurge right?

Thank you for listening!

How often do you take pictures of yourself?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I managed to get TWO runs in yesterday WITHOUT dying. I'm pretty proud =]
Since I'm really trying to get more mileage in I needed to find an efficient way to do it. I also didn't want to loose my pace while I was at it. So I decided I might try splitting it up. eventually, of course, I plan on gluing the pieces together and getting to that one long run in one shot, but for now, it feels pretty good.

thanks for listening.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I've come to realize that I love running before school (or other errands)
It helps me wake up, get my head strait, and plan my day/week/month.
I also realized that I love to just eat plain sock at the end of a run. confession. I'm not really a salty food eater right after my run, so chips or pretzels just don't cut it. So I just eat salt. I know, it's weird, but it really hits the spot. Of course I then down a pint of water and bring out the snakcky goodness after, but I turn to salt first.

BTW. I have an AWFUL confession to make. (well it sucks for me really) I took some amazing pics on my birthday (more like pics that I really like) and I didn't get to shoing/posting/editing them. The've just been sitting in my computers memory filling up space. So I decided that today would be the perfect day to kinda let them "shine" I hope you enjoy =]


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I finally have the money to stock up on running gear (and some other goodies as well)
It's been a hard 5 months not having proper gear such as broken running shoes, old socks (or boyfriends nike dri-fit socks =]), a few tanks, and cotton (ugh) shorts. Yup, thats my everyday gear.
but I'm happy to say that, in the next few weeks, you'll get to check out my new gear. I know, not as cool for you as it is for me, but I'll definitely give you my reviews/comments on each item, just in case you might want to find one for yourself.

Sooo, in honor in my old old photography and my vintage running shoes (that I STILL wear) I decided this lil' crazy mix up will explain the situation I'm in perfectly!

Oh, and yeah, that's my old hair. And that's my sister and I AFTER a run. We kinda go crazy =]

thanks for listening!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Today I woke up for a 7:00 run. well, it turned out to be more like a 7:15 slow run or fast jog...but seriously it was kinda lame. I take that back no run is not worth running, but I did feel a bit quezy throught the entire thing (it's a morning thing) and I did burp up what tasted like last-nights movie popcorn (yeah, I went to the theatres! and yup I sorta stuffed my faced with butter with a side of poocorn) and now I'll think twice about eating so late + running so early. not a great combo. But on the upside, I think the Sunrise mostly made up for everything that sucked!
...and the awesome face sweat 
 ...and yes, I can look nice (ish) EVEN after a horrible run.

Another downside of this run is I felt like poop all day. It wasn't one of those runs that pumped me for the rest of the day. really, it just drained me of my energy after a night of little to no sleep. oops. no biggy, there's always another run, another day.

what was your day like?
are you a morning person or a night person? because I think I've been trying to manage both, and it's not really balancing out too well for me =/

thanks for listening, don't be afraid to comment.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm not sure if anyone knows this by now, but I really HAte running the treadmill. Why? you may be thinking...and I know a whole lot of people are, since I've read complaints about "leaving the treadmill" to go outside for a run (which I think is seriously crazy talk)... so here are a few reasons why I "disslike" the tradmill:

  •'s BORING. 3 miles = approx 25min = quarter of an hour I spend staring at a wall instead of the birds and trees.
  • "Trees" leads you to my second point which is fresh air...duh. who likes running in a hot room with no vents with five other people and their sweat steaming into each breath you take. ew.
  • running outside is just a lot more fun. so get over the treadmill and go outside!
so now you may be wondering WHY I run the more than occasional treadmill? simple.
  • sometimes it rains outside. And sometimes, that's just not fun.
  • sometimes it's more efficient (come to work, drive to gym, drive home...fannitoe)
  • and sometimes, it's safer... (night running in the ghetto is just not my thang)
  • oh, and also, sometime I like running on the treadmill. what?
So, now that I got all that off my chest I'm just going to say that I didn't even run today, but yesterdays 3mi kinda pushed me over the edge and I'm finally here to blow some steam.

I just want to let you all know that my race is on May 6th (coming up so soon) and I feel soooo ill-preparred! I can't help compare my running time to all the professional jogger bloggers (aka SR and RER and RK) who run their "easy" mile faster than my best time!!! Like that's inspiring. But I try not to get down on myself. (key word: try) but really, this whole "journey" to my 1/2 marathon is for my improvement and self motivation. It's not a competition. (you can say that again)

So...what inspires you?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ok. now lets ad to my to my "too tired to sleep eat or think" equation... a little bit of rain, then what happens? You get over the fact that your WET at 7:30 in the morning and you push through the day like any other. totally doable. not exactly my kind of fun, but doable. It does sort of feel like a survival mission biking to work, as if I may DIE is I get too wet. And, apparently I won the battle. And took my muscles to the gym and showed it what I got! an whole lot of strength!

3mi on the treadmill
stretch and strengthen 3o min

Friday, March 23, 2012

283rd-eye exam

So... lets add to this "dead-factor" and deprive it from sleep.

Yup. now I'm dead and tired! but that doesn't change the amount of homework I have to do and the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Nope. I must go on!

My body asked my to rest, so I did. No run today.


completely dead
I think I've been underestimating the amount of energy that biking everywhere drains out of me. Seriously. 'bout this time of the week, I'm running 3 mi/day and biking around 5-6. And not to mention the physical duties at work (practically wait lifting all day). So, It's understandable that  I feel dead by now.

So, I apologize for the short and bland post but at least your getting a little insight in the life of melissa. A college student. A blogger. A girlfriend. a runner. and a Superstar! total nerd.
How has your work week been going?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



this is what happened:

first day of spring

the first day the city of Santa Cruz ban to plastice bags BEGINS!
Thank you SOS!

Oh, and I also ran a 4.5 mi in 35 minutes! I;m a boss!

Oh, so I really need new running shoes!
and running shorts!

p.s. I have a craft post coming up soon! =]

Monday, March 19, 2012


so... You think yesterday was bad? well, I'm still climbing that huge hill that's infront of my path trying not to fall of.
I got to school just in time to buy my new book for english The dispossessed and read a chapter to take notes for our weekly journal. Then, I'm supposed to finish the book by next week. yeah. Great.

I'm so nervous about my essay. I really want a good note!

After english I went strait to the math lab to catch-up on homework for an hour. I am pretty confident in math, but I'm definitely running behind (missed a few homework assignments, and practice makes perfect!)

Now I'm back home. Yes, that means I'm NOT at Journalism. But I really need the hours to study for my math exam, and read... A LOT. and besides, I'm taking a butt-load of photos for SOS tomorrow, and I need a tiny break from school/work. I am exhausted.

So, expect photos tomorrow, and maybe an up-lifting post. It shall be a good day!

What's your schedule looking like lately?


I always say "no excuses" no matter what. And I don't have any for missing out yesterday, but let me list a "few" things I did:

  • got up at 7:00 and mad b-fast+lunch (For Loren)
  • drove Loren to work and zoom zoom zoomed to mine (2 min late) 
  • got to the gym by five and sprinted 3 miles and did major strengthening 'till 6:30
  • Wrote a 5pg essay 'till 12:00-ish
The next morning, I woke up and edited/printed it. Done.
So yes, I'm sorry for a no-show, but I think you could sorta-kinda understand.

I'm a little burnt out. Always by the end of the work week I end up cramming in my homework and trying to get some shut-eye.

More on the training:
Today, I really learned something about my running. I actually saw the effect on good breathing v.s. bad breathing did to me. When I really focused on my breathes and nothing else, I almost felt NO PAIN. The run felt like a breeze! but the moment I let anxiety in of how much time I had left or how my legs sorta hurt, I felt EVERYTHING. I really think I can use this to my advantage for the races and up-comming runs. I have not mastered it yet (and far from it) but I have definitely paid notice to it!
Have you ever paid attention to your breathing during a workout?

Friday, March 16, 2012

290th-work and rain

It rained. And I biked. oh boy.
but like I said yesterday, I was prepared. I was waterproof from head to toe (almost)

I was going to go for a run when I got home, but instead, I took a nap. Good for me, I obviously needed it.

and guess what, I'm going to bed at 9:30. this is a breakthrough!
wish me luck, and happy Friday!

oh, and come on...seriously? how are these so damn amazing!!!!
Bye =]

Thursday, March 15, 2012


"beginning" of my work week and I'm already over it. Motivated with my training, but not really excited to have less time for study, especially sice my list is already long. And I covered a co-workers shift Tuesday so I am more beat than usual. I have to stay posative and more important, get lots of sleep!
I have to be up by 7 and on my bike within a halfhour to get to work on time. (cross your fingers that it doesnt rain!) but I'm "prepared" for that sort of weather, just would rather Not have to got through it.

On that note, I'd like to say how much I LOVE biking. Even on the days I hate it, it is so convenient and such a clean energy. Sometimes I feel like biking to work is like getting paid to work out...AMAZING.
But one of the most important things that makes a bike ride fun is wearing the right clothing. Getting too cold or even too hot can really just suck. Not fun.

3mi in 25.5 min
strengthen 30 min
bike:15 min

292nd-oops again

I apologize for missing...again

I have a LOT of deadlines for this coming week:

  • 5 pg paper due monday
  • finish the Republic of Plato (Im on ch 7/10)
  • start the Disposessed 
  • thousands of math problems
  • study for exam 2 this wed
  • take 10000's of picture for SOS by mon 
All that and...
  • work 5 days/week
  • keep up my training (hopefully get to 8.2min/mi by may)
  • blog
slee? pshhhhh

So this is whats's on my mind these days. Life is getting more hectic as we near spring break. (which I cannot wait for!) but I really need to push myself and really succeed through these two weeks.

Rest day. no run.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


oops, another miss-hap post!

when I begin to get the feeling that the world is crushing in to me I have to remember to breath; that everything is going to be OK. But getting to this point sometimes feels impossible. I get so caught up in my worries and stresses, I begin to forget the LOVE that is in this world. The trees, the sky, the ocean, the rain. All these beautiful things that are real, unlike my false reality of anxiety that school and work brings.
In order to breath, I think of these things. I think of climbing, of hiking, of laying in the sun. And sometimes, this is what saves me from myself.

Today, I woke up at 8:00 expecting to have a "free day"
I got Loren to school (made coffee, scones, and lunch...) and then I tried to get myself together. So I went for a run. In the rain/wind/cold/stormy weather. It was a 2.5 miler and it was AMAZING. I got back breathing and sweating more than I have in a while. and I PR'd!!
I've begun to realize that running has really become therapeutic. It truly relives me of stress and allows me to focus on my studies. I really don't know what I'd do without it.
But then my world flipped upside-down. I FORGOT that I had work today! and the cafe called..."where are you, Melissa?" :/ I was covering for a co-worker today...and I totally forgot.

Tis, for some reason, really REALLY screwed my entire day. I had a stack of books to read, a 5 pg essay to write, and I was late on a much-needed nap. Bummer.

And for some reason, I instantly felt sick.

I know was really going to mess up my week.

But lets look on the plus side, shall we?

  • I made some doe (and dough)
  • I got to take home some food
  • I... I... oh, what's the use

On another note, I really want these things:

This shirt:
from a really amazing shop in Hawaii

and ALL of this. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


todays run was phenomenal! after a long and excruciating day at work, I got home pretty pooped I may say. But the minute I walked in the door, I knew I needed to run into my tennis shoes. But apart from that great decision, I also decided to work on my speed instead of my distance so I thought I'd go for a 3mi route and really try to book it. This was one of those runs that I really know why I love running and a run that motivates me to do it every day.

run: 3mi

Saturday, March 10, 2012



what I did today:

Today was crazy!
I woke up at 7:00 and went for my 4mi. It felt great. I didn't have the best mileage but I really felt good to push myself for the distance. (which is really not at that long)
I've been working out a TON lately and my body is NOT sore!!! Which is a huge plus.
At nine Loren and I went to the City Lifeguard tryouts (me to take pics and Loren went SURFING)
It felt great to go out and take photos (editing currently, I'll present them in a few days)

All-around, it was a great way to start my day. Another plus to rising with the sun. I'm beginning to feel like a morning person again =]

what's making you positive? 

run: 4mi
bike:1h (work and back)

Friday, March 9, 2012


I "slept in" till 8:30 today, and I still felt "on the ball". I did homework until exactly 11:00 and jumped on my bike for work. After a long day at work, I rode to the gym simultaneously almost getting run over four times 3 times by reckless friday drivers and once by a skateboarder. From this, I got a tremendous amount of pent-up energy waiting to get burnt off. So I chose the boulder, and boy was I climbing like a boss today. probably only 15 people total today, and that gave me my space. Worked on a few problems with a group and overall had a lot of fun. and now, I'm "feeling the burn" (also, I headed to the back to do all around strengthening which really kicked my butt.)

Today at work, I sported this dress:

Except, I ended up with helmet hair (yes I ride my bike with a helmet) and drenched with sweat. I probably was just not this cute and color-edited. 

tights: $11 (1/2 off at Macys) 
dress: $12 Crossroads
hair: I braided it upside down and then tied it up in a messy bun.

BTW: I think I look really short here...weird

strengthen 30 min
climbing 1.5 h

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have been waking up at 7 each morning. This is for me and for Loren. In some way I'm doing the "housewife" but in some ways I feel like i'm doing it for me. It's not that I'd sleep in 'till 12 but even past 9 I've lost so much of my day. Now, i get to wake up, make coffe, breakfast, and lunches all while listening to amazing music. I feel like a total diferent person.
The thing is, Loren goes to work five nights a week and gets home aroun 8:30 in the morning and been up since 5am. It's not only unfair for me to sleep in, but now that school has started it's imposible to get to his math class on time without the help of moi! I love it! I seriously love the morning now and I didn't even know what I was missing.

Today, spent an hour reading in the morning (*catching up for english), I had breakfast (unusual), and got bikelights for tonights lil trip to the gym.**

work was STRESSFUL. But I made it trhough the day and boy did I have the "energy" to pump iron at the gym for an hour. I brought my climbing gear today (it's been a while since I sprained my finger at work three weeks ago which I didn't metion to you) but today was full of nooby slugs. I know this 'cuz Igetting on the wall was impossible since everbody was working hard to finish that extreme v0. so in the course of 30 min, I got a whole three routes in!!***By that time, I just went to the back and really l;et out all that energy from that amazing day at work. And that,, my dears, felt GREAT. I think I did things my body isn't normally capable of and I felt like super woman! then, I ran an "easy"**** one mile to finish the day off.
Loren picked my up and we stared at the computer for the last hour together popping balloons together. What a cute couple. I then passed out. Done.

check your asterix*****:
*Last week, I missed (skipped, ditched, etc) ONE day of school and this is what I have to pay. I'm four ch behind in English and by monday I need to have a theme/thesis for my final paper for this book. I calculated that I have 178 pgs of reading devided by 4 is about 35 pgs per day. I only read 20 pgs one hour. Oii.

**I later noticed I had an empty tire. Over prepared with $60 lights and my bad day manages to still earn points in it's favor. Seems like I'm loosing the game.

***I oppologize about the sarcasm and the rude slanderous remarks. But this is me when I'm not having a great day. This is me after work. This is me.

****This one mile sucked. My fault for weaiting after the weighted squats, bensh pressing, and glut workout. Maybe that's why my legs gave in. But I needed to get some millage in. MAY 6th is running towards me like a baboon. A really fast and angry baboon.

*****aparently (while looking up correct speeling for asterix) it is an amazing cominc book that I used to read/watch avec mon pere. awesome!
strengthen 1 hour
run: 1 mile easy

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Who's ready to run?!

watch: gift($100)
earphones: gift($7.00)
ipod:gift 8 years old ($100)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday, just for my birthday, Joslyn drove __ hours just to see me for 30 minutes. Surpise much? indeed. And that also led to an early spring cleaning.
and I took photos Just for my dad (since he loves my before's and after's):

I did the dishes:

I sorted the laundry: 
(more like pushed it all aside for later)

And I, well, didn't finish cleaning my craft area:

Yesterday was also full of some nice surprises such as...
 a really awesome super inspirational notebook (and a book called rose):

Earphones(finally!) and a GARMIN!!!!!!!!
Loren took me strait to bestbuy so I could pick out a gift. I loved that because I ended up with exactly what I wanted. Who would have ever bought somebody earphones? Funny 'cuz I have an ipod but was missing an earpeice so it was useless. So excited for thos longer runs now!! woohoo!
As you all know by reading my wish list that I've been wanting a Garmin for quite some time now. Running outside is so much funner and exciting than the treadmill, but I never really knew my mileage or rate. Now I have EVERTHING and the time. 
All I really need now are some running shoes and a few more outfits and I'll be set!

What have you been wanting?

Monday, March 5, 2012

301-birthday I'm what?? 
Do you ever get that feeling on your birthday that feel the same exact way you felt the day before? As if nothing really changed. And to tell you the truth...nothing really has. I still adore coffee, I still have to do the dishes, and well, I'm still pretty immature. But now, my double digits have well...doubled. I have this awkward 2 in front of my age and it's sort of scaring the bageezes out of me. I feel like I have a whole lot more space to fill in my shoes. But before I think about my futur, let take a moment to reminice on my year as a 19year old.

19 years recap:
I rescued a small mutt puppy for 8 months:

Took lots and lots of road trips
 all accompanied by our trusted In-N-Ouot

 I lived in san francisco for one semester:
The "city of my dreams"

Took lots of pictures of Loren:

 I learned how to slack-line (and cracked a rib):

I lived in an RV for an entire summer NO PIC NECESSARY (unless you adore greasy hair, sleepless eyes, and sweaty  armpits.
Well, also some couch surfing:

Had hand surgery?

Rented my own apartment with my Lovely Loren:


Places I worked at:
 Rue. st Jaques
Transferred to two different community colleges
lived in 4 different places
"bought" my own car
Went through three different bikes
managed to NOT cut my hair
Overall... it was a pretty great/super tough year!

I've learned so much from being 19 years old. I have a great feeling of my 20's and believe I can easily top last ones!