Saturday, March 31, 2012


ahhhhhhh....that's better =]
The comfort of my own home camera.
boy do I LOVE being in control of everything I capture and having an actual respectable outcome.
I do admit, yesterday did feel a whole lot like blogger style but I can't live without the quality of a good photo. It's like where I find satisfaction. Without quality is like a run with no water or a climbing in skinny jeans. It's just not satisfying (and for the fisrt example kind of a death trap)
any how, I am going to be using a little bit of both (since I can't bring my Nikon DSLR on a 10 mile run). And even if I don't get the quality with my point and shoot, I'll still get the substance, and that's what counts =]

Today I did run. But NOT with my new shoes. I still am trying to "work" them before I take them for a stroll if you know what I mean. They're new, and very stiff and I can only see a blister coming out of that equation. So lets just see today as my LAST day with my 5 year old "everything" shoes. It's sad yet exciting.
NOT as exciting as this photo:
yes, that's what I look like after. Running's not always hott. nope
 lets take a moment of silence:
oh, and yes, that used to be completely white. 
 one more thing, I got this shirt from the thrift store today for a buck. thats $19 less than a "real store" ca-ching!

Thank you so much for all your support.

How long have you had your running shoes for?


  1. I've had my current running shoes for about four months...and it's not because I use them so much I had to throw my old ones out...or because I'm a rich **** and splurge when ever I's honestly because MY FEET WONT STOP GROWING.