Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I finally have the money to stock up on running gear (and some other goodies as well)
It's been a hard 5 months not having proper gear such as broken running shoes, old socks (or boyfriends nike dri-fit socks =]), a few tanks, and cotton (ugh) shorts. Yup, thats my everyday gear.
but I'm happy to say that, in the next few weeks, you'll get to check out my new gear. I know, not as cool for you as it is for me, but I'll definitely give you my reviews/comments on each item, just in case you might want to find one for yourself.

Sooo, in honor in my old old photography and my vintage running shoes (that I STILL wear) I decided this lil' crazy mix up will explain the situation I'm in perfectly!

Oh, and yeah, that's my old hair. And that's my sister and I AFTER a run. We kinda go crazy =]

thanks for listening!

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