Thursday, March 8, 2012


I have been waking up at 7 each morning. This is for me and for Loren. In some way I'm doing the "housewife" but in some ways I feel like i'm doing it for me. It's not that I'd sleep in 'till 12 but even past 9 I've lost so much of my day. Now, i get to wake up, make coffe, breakfast, and lunches all while listening to amazing music. I feel like a total diferent person.
The thing is, Loren goes to work five nights a week and gets home aroun 8:30 in the morning and been up since 5am. It's not only unfair for me to sleep in, but now that school has started it's imposible to get to his math class on time without the help of moi! I love it! I seriously love the morning now and I didn't even know what I was missing.

Today, spent an hour reading in the morning (*catching up for english), I had breakfast (unusual), and got bikelights for tonights lil trip to the gym.**

work was STRESSFUL. But I made it trhough the day and boy did I have the "energy" to pump iron at the gym for an hour. I brought my climbing gear today (it's been a while since I sprained my finger at work three weeks ago which I didn't metion to you) but today was full of nooby slugs. I know this 'cuz Igetting on the wall was impossible since everbody was working hard to finish that extreme v0. so in the course of 30 min, I got a whole three routes in!!***By that time, I just went to the back and really l;et out all that energy from that amazing day at work. And that,, my dears, felt GREAT. I think I did things my body isn't normally capable of and I felt like super woman! then, I ran an "easy"**** one mile to finish the day off.
Loren picked my up and we stared at the computer for the last hour together popping balloons together. What a cute couple. I then passed out. Done.

check your asterix*****:
*Last week, I missed (skipped, ditched, etc) ONE day of school and this is what I have to pay. I'm four ch behind in English and by monday I need to have a theme/thesis for my final paper for this book. I calculated that I have 178 pgs of reading devided by 4 is about 35 pgs per day. I only read 20 pgs one hour. Oii.

**I later noticed I had an empty tire. Over prepared with $60 lights and my bad day manages to still earn points in it's favor. Seems like I'm loosing the game.

***I oppologize about the sarcasm and the rude slanderous remarks. But this is me when I'm not having a great day. This is me after work. This is me.

****This one mile sucked. My fault for weaiting after the weighted squats, bensh pressing, and glut workout. Maybe that's why my legs gave in. But I needed to get some millage in. MAY 6th is running towards me like a baboon. A really fast and angry baboon.

*****aparently (while looking up correct speeling for asterix) it is an amazing cominc book that I used to read/watch avec mon pere. awesome!
strengthen 1 hour
run: 1 mile easy

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