Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm not sure if anyone knows this by now, but I really HAte running the treadmill. Why? you may be thinking...and I know a whole lot of people are, since I've read complaints about "leaving the treadmill" to go outside for a run (which I think is seriously crazy talk)... so here are a few reasons why I "disslike" the tradmill:

  •'s BORING. 3 miles = approx 25min = quarter of an hour I spend staring at a wall instead of the birds and trees.
  • "Trees" leads you to my second point which is fresh air...duh. who likes running in a hot room with no vents with five other people and their sweat steaming into each breath you take. ew.
  • running outside is just a lot more fun. so get over the treadmill and go outside!
so now you may be wondering WHY I run the more than occasional treadmill? simple.
  • sometimes it rains outside. And sometimes, that's just not fun.
  • sometimes it's more efficient (come to work, drive to gym, drive home...fannitoe)
  • and sometimes, it's safer... (night running in the ghetto is just not my thang)
  • oh, and also, sometime I like running on the treadmill. what?
So, now that I got all that off my chest I'm just going to say that I didn't even run today, but yesterdays 3mi kinda pushed me over the edge and I'm finally here to blow some steam.

I just want to let you all know that my race is on May 6th (coming up so soon) and I feel soooo ill-preparred! I can't help compare my running time to all the professional jogger bloggers (aka SR and RER and RK) who run their "easy" mile faster than my best time!!! Like that's inspiring. But I try not to get down on myself. (key word: try) but really, this whole "journey" to my 1/2 marathon is for my improvement and self motivation. It's not a competition. (you can say that again)

So...what inspires you?


  1. I am SO with you about the treadmill...I like to run OUTSIDE to feel the air and hear the sounds of nature. Hope you don't mind the random visitor :) I really love your blog!

  2. thank you for the enthusiasm, and thanks for your compliment. greatly appreciated. =]