Thursday, March 15, 2012

292nd-oops again

I apologize for missing...again

I have a LOT of deadlines for this coming week:

  • 5 pg paper due monday
  • finish the Republic of Plato (Im on ch 7/10)
  • start the Disposessed 
  • thousands of math problems
  • study for exam 2 this wed
  • take 10000's of picture for SOS by mon 
All that and...
  • work 5 days/week
  • keep up my training (hopefully get to 8.2min/mi by may)
  • blog
slee? pshhhhh

So this is whats's on my mind these days. Life is getting more hectic as we near spring break. (which I cannot wait for!) but I really need to push myself and really succeed through these two weeks.

Rest day. no run.

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