Monday, March 19, 2012


I always say "no excuses" no matter what. And I don't have any for missing out yesterday, but let me list a "few" things I did:

  • got up at 7:00 and mad b-fast+lunch (For Loren)
  • drove Loren to work and zoom zoom zoomed to mine (2 min late) 
  • got to the gym by five and sprinted 3 miles and did major strengthening 'till 6:30
  • Wrote a 5pg essay 'till 12:00-ish
The next morning, I woke up and edited/printed it. Done.
So yes, I'm sorry for a no-show, but I think you could sorta-kinda understand.

I'm a little burnt out. Always by the end of the work week I end up cramming in my homework and trying to get some shut-eye.

More on the training:
Today, I really learned something about my running. I actually saw the effect on good breathing v.s. bad breathing did to me. When I really focused on my breathes and nothing else, I almost felt NO PAIN. The run felt like a breeze! but the moment I let anxiety in of how much time I had left or how my legs sorta hurt, I felt EVERYTHING. I really think I can use this to my advantage for the races and up-comming runs. I have not mastered it yet (and far from it) but I have definitely paid notice to it!
Have you ever paid attention to your breathing during a workout?

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