Friday, March 9, 2012


I "slept in" till 8:30 today, and I still felt "on the ball". I did homework until exactly 11:00 and jumped on my bike for work. After a long day at work, I rode to the gym simultaneously almost getting run over four times 3 times by reckless friday drivers and once by a skateboarder. From this, I got a tremendous amount of pent-up energy waiting to get burnt off. So I chose the boulder, and boy was I climbing like a boss today. probably only 15 people total today, and that gave me my space. Worked on a few problems with a group and overall had a lot of fun. and now, I'm "feeling the burn" (also, I headed to the back to do all around strengthening which really kicked my butt.)

Today at work, I sported this dress:

Except, I ended up with helmet hair (yes I ride my bike with a helmet) and drenched with sweat. I probably was just not this cute and color-edited. 

tights: $11 (1/2 off at Macys) 
dress: $12 Crossroads
hair: I braided it upside down and then tied it up in a messy bun.

BTW: I think I look really short here...weird

strengthen 30 min
climbing 1.5 h

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