Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday, just for my birthday, Joslyn drove __ hours just to see me for 30 minutes. Surpise much? indeed. And that also led to an early spring cleaning.
and I took photos Just for my dad (since he loves my before's and after's):

I did the dishes:

I sorted the laundry: 
(more like pushed it all aside for later)

And I, well, didn't finish cleaning my craft area:

Yesterday was also full of some nice surprises such as...
 a really awesome super inspirational notebook (and a book called rose):

Earphones(finally!) and a GARMIN!!!!!!!!
Loren took me strait to bestbuy so I could pick out a gift. I loved that because I ended up with exactly what I wanted. Who would have ever bought somebody earphones? Funny 'cuz I have an ipod but was missing an earpeice so it was useless. So excited for thos longer runs now!! woohoo!
As you all know by reading my wish list that I've been wanting a Garmin for quite some time now. Running outside is so much funner and exciting than the treadmill, but I never really knew my mileage or rate. Now I have EVERTHING and the time. 
All I really need now are some running shoes and a few more outfits and I'll be set!

What have you been wanting?


  1. I can see you got your camera back?!

    Love it.

  2. haha I bought a new battery but now I'm realizing it's my charger that's not working =// lol I'm sorta a spaz not figuring things out before I replace things.