Monday, March 19, 2012


so... You think yesterday was bad? well, I'm still climbing that huge hill that's infront of my path trying not to fall of.
I got to school just in time to buy my new book for english The dispossessed and read a chapter to take notes for our weekly journal. Then, I'm supposed to finish the book by next week. yeah. Great.

I'm so nervous about my essay. I really want a good note!

After english I went strait to the math lab to catch-up on homework for an hour. I am pretty confident in math, but I'm definitely running behind (missed a few homework assignments, and practice makes perfect!)

Now I'm back home. Yes, that means I'm NOT at Journalism. But I really need the hours to study for my math exam, and read... A LOT. and besides, I'm taking a butt-load of photos for SOS tomorrow, and I need a tiny break from school/work. I am exhausted.

So, expect photos tomorrow, and maybe an up-lifting post. It shall be a good day!

What's your schedule looking like lately?

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