Monday, March 5, 2012

301-birthday I'm what?? 
Do you ever get that feeling on your birthday that feel the same exact way you felt the day before? As if nothing really changed. And to tell you the truth...nothing really has. I still adore coffee, I still have to do the dishes, and well, I'm still pretty immature. But now, my double digits have well...doubled. I have this awkward 2 in front of my age and it's sort of scaring the bageezes out of me. I feel like I have a whole lot more space to fill in my shoes. But before I think about my futur, let take a moment to reminice on my year as a 19year old.

19 years recap:
I rescued a small mutt puppy for 8 months:

Took lots and lots of road trips
 all accompanied by our trusted In-N-Ouot

 I lived in san francisco for one semester:
The "city of my dreams"

Took lots of pictures of Loren:

 I learned how to slack-line (and cracked a rib):

I lived in an RV for an entire summer NO PIC NECESSARY (unless you adore greasy hair, sleepless eyes, and sweaty  armpits.
Well, also some couch surfing:

Had hand surgery?

Rented my own apartment with my Lovely Loren:


Places I worked at:
 Rue. st Jaques
Transferred to two different community colleges
lived in 4 different places
"bought" my own car
Went through three different bikes
managed to NOT cut my hair
Overall... it was a pretty great/super tough year!

I've learned so much from being 19 years old. I have a great feeling of my 20's and believe I can easily top last ones! 

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