Friday, March 30, 2012


Look what I found in the mail today! Thanks Joslyn!
well, to corect myself, Loren found it, since he was being amazing today and GOT  THE MAIL.  yup he's da man! more points for him.
On that subject... Loren FINALLY got what he wanted:'
no, not a bowl of cereal. but I think he's gone through at least 40 just to get he crunch on!
(not my photo)

and then he got THIS in the mail:
and oh my gosh was he a chipper one.
(not my photo)

and then, he kinda sorta calmed down...

soo... I'm not sure if you noticed my HORRIBLE photo quality, but if you have (which I hope you did) since that's exactly what I wanted: To smother you with awfully greatness of MY FIRST AND ONLY POINT AND SHOOT which also arrived in the mail today. (feels like christmas) Marie sent it to me so I can have a go-to camera for my runs (yes! expect lots of photos from my jogs and races) and I love her very much for it. And I also got a little excited with the "awkward self portraits" but oh's just a splurge right?

Thank you for listening!

How often do you take pictures of yourself?

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