Sunday, March 4, 2012


instead of explaining what I did today (which is all-too much and all-too boring) I'd like to appologize for my lack of inspiration/motivation of creation lately. I almost feel like I shouldn't even post anything somedays (and some I just foget aka 3 times this week) but I also know that I still should. It's not quite that I've given up, actually far from it, it's more that I have been exhausted in not giving up. From school, to work, to errands, to homework, and back to school, there is hardly a minute in my day for breathing. I haven't ran/trained for three days now (at least I am forced to bike to work so I get some exercise, but clearly not enough) I guess these days are just flying by so quickly and I haven't mnaged to catch up. I really hope to get back on track soon and get some more interesting parts of life back on to my post (and into my life).

For some better news, I have really enjoyed my classes this semester. As much as they are a pain in the ass. English averaging 200pgs a week, 10 h math homework, and a never ending project in PhotoJournalism. Not to mention 30h/week I spend serving coffee and Sandwiches at River Cafe, and the rest of my hours paying bills (and being my families personal mailman). I really obviously do NOT have any time for myself.
Back to enjoying my lovely classes I really feel like a brainy to really enjoy math. And for me, reading Plato is a treat (even if I have to re-read every other sentence)
I actually write about it in journal entries on my "free time" 
But enjoying school if not really changing the fact that I am burnt out. I haven't had a real break in almost, well, since last winter skiing in Heavenly with Lovely Loren.

 (this is not counting the day trips Loren and I spent to visit his family and rushing home to get to work)

I really feel like I actually NEED some time out in the nature. Like this girl here who gets out at least every two weeks. I need that. I feel so stuck in this craziness and it's bringing me down.
I'm hoping to start out my 20's with some epic adventures, laughter, and a few races in some new running shoes!
I can care less about making money or going to school I also want to be responsible and mature and stick to my plans.

Here's some work I've been starting for SOS (more on the project later)

Thank you so much for reading my rant and I hope it didn't bring you down. I'm just trying to be honest to you and to myself. I really need some more adventure in my life, and I believe it will be happening soon!

what sorts of things are you doing for fun these days?
do you have any ideas for an epic 1 day adventure?

training: zip, zilch, n-o-n-e, nada. 0

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