Wednesday, February 29, 2012


had my first math exam today, and I really think I passed it. Like with an A... not keeping my hopes up, but I'm definitely not going to keep my hopes up.

2mi in 26 min

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


3.5 mi in 26 min! new PR!
"scenic" rout Portolla-capitola rd
hilly hot and sweaty

I had no motivation this morning, but I couldn't sleep past 9.
my morning was slow and lonely so I decided to get out for a run at 10:30
and I was fast. first I should say that I am instinctively competative, thats kind of why I like running alone, so I get to my own pace. I even find myself trying to race bikes, cars, and worse yet are old lady runners wit a million marathons under their belt. Man, it's almost disgarceful that I'm so much more out of shap. but then again it's pretty inspiring.
So today, when I got out, I was trailing a garbage truck. and at every can he'd swerve into my lane, stop, and pick it up...bla bla bla basically I had to pass him. But I also had to keep a good speed so he wouldn't catch up, and boy did it feel like I was running for once, instead a pathetic jog. and at the end of the run, I cought up with another jogger and managed to run up the hill and pass her and keep my speed. I felt like a new runner! this is a really big step for me as a runner and I am very proud =]
I think I can get to 8/mi by may...or atleast I really hope so!
new goal!

How was your tuesday?

oh, and here is me and my homework...

I have exam1 in math tomorrow which means flashcards, notes, and skittles! (yes, my brain need sugar lol)
oh, and I also have 100 pgs in Plato to read =]

good night

btw: another point for Loren
Me: do you want to do math together?
Him: no, I just need a break; a lazy day. A day that I can just sit around and do nothing so I wont break down and cry.



Sorry, I forgot to post last night.
I had been at school all day and I was pretty worn out by the time I got home.

I haven't crafted in almost two weeks now and it's starting to bog me down.
Hopefully soon I will get the courage to do something, anything!

rest day
biked to school (freezing! bad choice to wear a dress)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


4 mi easy

Sunday wrap-up:
  • I've been doing great getting in all my runs

  • I need to stretch more
  • sleep better
  • do my homework more often


Awkward runner

Friday, February 24, 2012

311- race

I registered for my first race today!
Im doing the 5k (only 3.25 mi) but it's not overwhelming
It's going to get me in the grove of what a race really feels like. The pressure, the mistakes, and the preparations. Even if I mess it up, I will learn from that and definitely will be ready for the big 1/2 marathon=]

Its a month past what I wanted (may instead of april) so I will definitely be over-prepared. And then, in june I'll do the 10k and hopefully be ready for that because in August I have the 1/2 marathon to do, and I better kick ass!
I am soooooo excited!

3 mi
biking a lot!

Thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

312- photo

Picture I took for photo Journ:

No run
strengthen for 1 h


watch this video =]
Save Our Shores

Im collaborating with them this semester doing photography. Prepare to see and hear more of this. I am soooo excited. I get to get out and do the things I LOVE!

also, I did a 2 mi today. I felt a little out of energy and I havn't been drinking enough H2O and my body can tell. Im really sore.

It was nice to get my legs moving
me after workout:

I can see so much improvement since when I first started. I run faster and mix in some tempo with out over fatigue. I think before I start to tackle longer distances I want to first work on my speed. I feel like I'm at this plateau and i want to start climbing the latter to become that better runner.
What do you usually change? your speed or the distance?

BTW: I have been looking around at races and I think I already have my eye on some.
I decided to stick to my training plan and start with a 5K wich will be in April (sooo soon !!) and the next a 10K in june and then with the half marathon in August!!!
I apologize about the exclamation marks but I am sooo excited and really nervous too!

Haven't yet registered which also makes me nervous, but I need to first save up the cash. =]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

314th-french tuesday

je n'ai pas un vrais post pour vous au'jourd'hui mais jai des petit mots à dire.

a la moment je:
  • cherches ma premiere marathon
  • finissais mes devoires
  • fesais reiens
pour le training:
distance: 3.8 mi
temp: 45 min
route: 41st - Capitola dr.

Monday, February 20, 2012


It takes 21 days to create a habit, and only 3 to break one.

I am feeling the affects of this quote more than ever today. I almost did not have the willpower today to get my butt out of bead and go for a run and do my homework and clean my house, or do anything at all. I have been going through a lot lately (not really going to mention my personal personal problems) but It's fair to say that I've been going through a whole lot. I was going through a downward spiral into the black obis for two days strait, ignoring my priorities. I fell out of my schedule.
So, today, wanting nothing to do with my running shoes, I almost sulked in my own self pity, but I didn'. I don't know how I managed to crawl out of my hole but I did. I went for a great run, had an amazing breakfast, and almost finished my four page essay due this wednesday.
Sometimes, I don't know how life works, but I'm glad that it does. And tis morning, I'm glad that it did.

And look what I'm also really glad that happened today:
Cinnamon rolls!
who would not be glad about cinnamon rolls?

I found this recipe here: Greens and chocolate
I searched for easy rolls, and this is what i found. I subbed soy+a squeeze of grapefruit+1egg for buttermilk 'cuz that's all I had.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


same as yesterday, just a little worse.
been dealing with a lot in my life lately, and it's stressing my body out.
No training today.

sunday recap:

  • make better habits
  • look to faith for help
  • work hard and get results

Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm growing my hair out:
and...this is one of the rare time's you'll ever see it down.

My hair is at the "awkward" stage where it just looks bad and unshapely when it's down but I ont want to trim it because I'd lose progress.

Day 2 training:
run: 1mi
time: ~9min
Place: gym

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just watch this short film:
Polyface farm

I have been really busy all day. I woke up and went for a run right away. Then I did my homework just until I had to leave for work at 11:30.
Work was really busy today and I didn't stop moving until the very end of the shift.
Now I have homework to do, clean the house, make dinner, and go to bed. (work at 8 tomorro, thn I babysit at 6pm)

I can't wait till monday!
(no school)

But, I have a huge essay to write, read 4 ch's, and lots of math homework. And that's when I'm on top of slacking allowed!

How was your day?

Me strapped to jam jars after today's run:
I need to get icepacks!!!

Day 1 training:
run: 4mi
time: ~50min
Place: 41st-coronado st
rout: semi-hilly

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yeah, that's right! I finished my entire 14 days of training to train, and boy, it feels amazing!
I can see the improvemnt. In the past, I'v always felt weaker from a workout, or from weeks of routeins, but that was because I followed the wrong paths and initially did it wrong. Folowing this simple trining plan really helped scope out what I had to do to achieve strength in my body while still listening to my body. I had two days that I felt like my body differed from the program and I decided to take the rest I needed and it was a good idea. I felt revived the next day, ready for my next run.
The only thing I want to change is adding a sense of direction for my rest days. Like a yoga class or just personal stretching. Because though I need the rest from running, it seemed to be harder the next day because the lactic acids where just sitting. If I can find something to revive my body other than just resting it, I think It would improve my ability and mobility.

Now, I get to look for a marathon!!!! I am so excited this feels like a great accomplishment you have no idea!

Any goals you've gotten to lately?
what do you need to work on?

Proof that I'm drinking more water:

Proof that I haven't kept my room clean =/"
but it's also proof that I wear the skirt that I made. And I have new shoes ;]

thanks for listening! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

321st-French Tuesday

Aujourd'hui J'ai le classe de Français et c'est pour ça que je vais ecrire cette poste en Français (donc tirez votre dictionaires de Français/Anglais parce que je ne vais pas traduire)

...Epuis, C'eatait mon idea AVANT que Cabrillo avait quitez mon classe de Français completement!

...Et c'est moi avant, et après.

Mais, en finale, j'ai décidé de finnir ce que j'ai commencait!

Chaque Mardi je vais donne un pettie cours en français de ce que j'apprenne le semain dernier.

Donc, maintenant, je suis heureuse!

Monday, February 13, 2012

322nd- rain

You know how last tuesday I talked about the weather a little bit? About how much I loved the rain? and how it makes me feel all warm inside? Well, all that stays true, except for the fact that it was my "rest" day and I crafted and drank hot Coacoa. but today... you gotta go for a the rain! I was almost frightened by the the stormy weather as I peeked through the curtains this morning. Despite the fact that it lulled me to sleep last night, I was not happy with the weather today.
Now, I'm always a "rain or shine" type of girl. I bike no matter what. But, from this I've learned that sniffles come to those who are ill-prepared. And that's me folks. I don't have the proper attire for an entire day of biking in the rain and being at school till 8:30 soaked. I need to be conscious of my body, and I say no to the cold. Not until I have warmer biking clothes (which os already on my list of things I need).
I always forget that the day after a big run is not meant to be your "best run ever" but rather just a cool down from the day before, as to "soothe your sore muscles so you don't wale stiff for a week and become too sore to run or injure yourself in the process. I tend to have at least 30% less energy the day after a 6mi and 50% less motivated. I'm tired form yesterdays run, last night's math homework, and todays school schedule, so how on earth am I to get my but out of bed when outside it's RAINING!
believe me, I almost passes on my run today, and during it I wish I had (i felt so slow!) but now I am proud to say that I am on day 12 and only two more days to go!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

323rd-Sunday 6mi

$2.50 Running pants

Today I is when I'm glad to have run yesterday.
Days like today, I feel the strength of my "training" kick in and show what it's worth. And boy, did it feel great. Almost like it was doing all the work and I could just sit and watch. I ran my sunday 6mi around 5:00pm and the fog covered all of 41st so I wore my long pants (as appose to short pants? lol) Long runs are my favorite, as appose to the daily shortys, my weekly long ones are when I can see my practice come to life. I seriously felt like I was running as appose to jogging.  This is day 11! Almost done!
Look out For this wed 15th (if I make it to day 14) I will do a complete wrap-up of my 14 days of training to train. And from then on I will do a daily+weekly run&workout totals so you and I can see my progress.

Post run injury prevention:
Because I don't have ice =]

time for my Sunday wrap up:

  • I've stayed on top of my homework
  • I've stuck to my "training"
  • I have been drinking more water

  • I'd like to finish my projects
  • KEEP my room clean
  • budget 
Thank you fore reading!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I love waking up early! I feel my best on the days I get an early star, even if I don't get anything done, my mood is just better.
Today I worked 'till 2:30 and biked strait home from there. On the way I heard sirens and payed no attention. Then I heard four more, a fire truck, and a rescue boat. This finally got me interested, and almost teary-eyed. "who is out in the water hurt?" I though perhaps it was a kid, and since loren is a surfer, I always things like that could happen to him. So I raced the trucks to the spot (wishing I had my camera WITH me and not i  the car) but when I got there it was a false alarm. Phewf! but seriously, what do you think when you hear sirens. When I lived in San Francisco they ended up being just part of the background noise and I started to pay no notice, but being near the beach on a semi-stormy huge-waved day it gets me thinking. I want to stay this caussious about my surroundings all the time and stop pretending people don't matter to me, because the do.

what I did today:

  • work
  • Journalism homework (1/2, just took the photos)
  • 2 mi run (not my best, still feeling a bit under the weather, but it felt good)
  • read
  • started my math
Man it feels good!

When do you like to workout? before or after you get things done?

Friday, February 10, 2012

325th- work

Horrible day.

I had my first week of school breakdown. Too much to do in so little time
More like I had higher expectations and felt the world crumble when I hadn't done ANYTHING on my list by 12:00. Work was at tow and had around 5 hours to go for a run, sit down and finish my reading, and go take 5 amazing photos for Journalism. But that was just in my head, and when I ended up waking at 10:00 felt groggy 'till 11:00 and felt unaccomplished by 12:00. This was when I broke down.
I did end up biking to work and reading part of the chapter and taking notes before work.
By the time we closed the cafe, I felt under the weather and had 0 energy for a run, so, listening to my body, I passed on that. Which felt horrible and great at the same time.
It was such a relief to have Loren in my arms when I got home and I calmed down as I got ready for an "early" night since work is at 8 tomorrow.
Cross my fingers fore a better tomorrow.

Thank you for the support.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Having a late start on my day will lead to lack of motivation throughout. I've been on the go mood all week and today being and off hectic school schedule, I slept in... bad Idea. I had a few hours to spare before work and I felt like they went wasted. I have a lot of homework to be doe before monday and I'm one day in not getting any of it done.
I did slip in a run, but to tell you the truth, I didn't even want to do that, and it didn't really help with motivation. (though, I'm definitely glad)
I think it all comes down to lack of good sleep (like always) so tonight is an early one for me. Cross my fingers that tomorrow will shine more light.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

327th- food

I've just noticed after browsing through my blog that I have yet to post any baking expeditions of mine. To me this comes as a surprise because it's one of my favorite activities. And blogging about it is definitely rewarding as well. But then it really all has to do with one factor, Time. I haven't even baked in the last few months, since christmas (exception of my job), and I really have been missing it. There are so many recipes I have yet to get to and so many I want to try again. So, my goal this week is to get to some food posts on this blog.
Any ideas?

Photo credit: Kevin and Amanda

I ran a 3.5 mi today. It was easy apart from the hot weather that made me pretty dehydrated by the end. I have seen a bit of improvement already in my running and it's giving me confidence that I can get to my goals as a runner.
This is day 8 and I definitely believe I can get to 14!
cross your fingers!

I apologize by the lack of creativity lately but it's more important to keep my life on track during these few busy days as school starts. I have a few unfinished projects waiting on me, and so many I have yet to start. I'd love to get any new ideas!
My craft room is coming together slowly yet surely but I'm feeling a lot more organized which lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.
any good notebook decorating ideas?

fact: socrates invented the word idea as to help other understand something existing other than in reality; something that could possibly happen.
Think about it, he's pretty cool.

I hope you are all doing well, keep up the good work!
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

328th- School

Today's Weather: 
This just might by my favorite types of weather. Cold, foggy, and some slight rain. It calls for a cup of hot coacoa and a loved one (or decent friend) to cuddle with and watch a film.

But that's not what I did today.

"one who seeks to rule does not seek to rule well. Because one who seeks the art of ruling would seek to help people but one who seeks to rule only seeks it for his own advantage."

This is my paraphrase from Plato, the republic, book 1.
Getting back into the theme of school it feels just like opening up this book. It's scary, long, but worth it. (I know this is some weird analyses of the two, but these are the emotions I am getting from the both. I have never gotten so much wisdom from 20 page in my entire life. Not one textbook could sum up the knowledge Plato and Socrates "give" nor could they be as enjoyable. I really think my brain capacity has grown in the past two days. This is the advantage of being a young motivated human being. There is always room to grow, and there is not limit to knowledge.

Today I:

  • went to French class
  • spoke to my dad
  • paid rent
  • sent mail
  • did phone "errands"
  • did HW (math, English, and Journalism)
  • Did not craft
  • won the lottery ($30) well, my other half did, butI like to take some credit.
It was a really productive day. and though I didn't craft, I'm not sad about it. I did everything on my list while staying sane all along.

As for my training to train for a marathon. Today was my rest day and I accepted it willingly. I was a bit sore, but not super. That is due to all the stretching I've been doing. I would say just as important (or more) it is to run consistantly, you must stretch.  cannot repeat that enough times. Also, a rest day is as important so your muscles have time to heal and get ready for another run. Without the healing process, it ma become (and in most cases it's sure to become) an injury.

Eat more. Drink more. Sleep more. Run more! 
that's my motto =]

Also, I bought a planner today. 


I hope these photos help set the mood of a rainy warm-feeling day!

Thanks for listening!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Music of choice for today: Gotye & Kimbra
It's really hard to express all my feelings in one post for today.
This is not a positive post, sadly. Well, for the most part. I slept in till 9:00 when I was supposed to get Loren at 8:00 and he was late for school. The dryers blew a fuse last night leaving all our clothes sour.
I dropped Loren from school and literally ran all the way home to get get my school stuff and found that Loren left his cell at the house. How the hell is this day going to work!
But it did. Loren got into his math class, I ran off all my steam (3.5 mi exactly, and it felt great to bring my muscles moving as fast as my heart rate. The stress can kill they say), and the rest of it was history.
Of course, today was a very long day. I've been at school all day and all the new information is buzzing through me and I'm having a hard time trying to find a place where to fit it all. I feel a under organized, under prepared, and over stimulated. Typical first day. I know the further into it, the smoother it'll go and the more I'll feel on top of things.
What I really need to do is get slightly more organized. I need to make sure everything has its place as not to get things lost.

What did your fist day feel like?

I feel like to keep me interested in schoolwork, I need to have a sort of freshness to my supplies. Of course I re-use almost everything but a new notebook always feel just right. Especially when its creative a cute. It helps me keep my notes neat since I don't want to mess up something amazing.
Also, I like to listen to music, it keeps me on track (most of the time).
What motivates you to study?

Things I need:

  • new notebooks
  • planner
  • water bottle

So, I must set out to finish my english homework.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

330th- run

Okay, so I didn't get to run at 6:45 this morning ( I swear I didn't hear my alarm 'till 7:30) which was sort of a bummer since I knew my day would run a little later than I wanted since I'd be doing my 4 mi (which ended up being a 6mi) after work. Now that I'm posting at 6:00 tonight instead around 4:30. I'm only taking note of this because once school starts (tomorrow!!!) I'm going to have to make every last minute count (meaning morning runs are a must)
Also, I noticed how my mind focused on the run all day I was sort of anxious to get it over with). The good thing about today was (well there's a few good things) I stored up on energy all day and I felt totally prepared by the time I put on my running shoes. Also, My ankle did not hurt one bit!!! This is a total breakthrough for me, it's been a really long time that I've been suffering through each run and halfway through today's, I realized I was completely pain free!! wohoo!
I enjoy running outdoors so much more that the gym. There's the breeze, scenery, people, and fresh air. The only thing is I feel like I push myself so much more on the treadmill because I see my speed, pace, and time. I seem to always be so much more tired when I'm done. But today I beat some of my own record time and that was a 6 mi!! The thing is, when I'm outside all I have is distance and that's how it's measured and I think that's why I seem to lag a lot more. That's why I want a Garmin so I can see the "numbers" (whats a garmin? push on this Link)  But then I'm afraid I will lose the freedom and joy of running outdoors, but if it improves my pace, it will all be worth it =]

Thank you for listening!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

331st- run

Big day.
No run, but worked out for an hour. I'm getting ready for tomorrow's run. I'm thinking an early one before
work so I can come home and relax the rest of the day.
We'll see how that works out.
IIt's the big 4 mile, I don't know if I can do that so early. Cross my fingers, I've been doing great so far =]
Also... I get to drive to work, lucky me!

I crafted today, well, mostly bought supplies (yay for mod podge!) but I needed a break from the whole work run bike routine. Hope to get to some real photos and such tomorrow.
Also, Monday is my first day back to school since winter break, we'll see how that goes.
Thanks for listening.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Sparkle nail polish:

I totally don't do sparkles, and seldom do I even do pink. And up till now did I ever really wear nail polish. It was Loren's idea. He wants to see more of the "girl" in me. And I don't blame him. Im a rough, tough, dirt loving, sweaty girl most of the time. But I have been stepping back from my sporty needs and taking care of the other stuff. Painting my nails, doing my hair, and moisturizing! It's actually a lot of fun. 
Now, problem is, loren is conflicting with the sparkles! I do admit, they're a bit off the top, but I love 'em!

What do you think? can I pull them off?

On another subject, more about the sweaty side of me, I went on a run today! three days in out of 14 horray. I was really feeling it this morning, a bit stiff from yesterday, but I got great sleep last night! went to bed at 11:00 and it felt great to wake up this morning! I should mention to you, I've been babysitting over night for two 4 year olds since wed, and today is the last day.  So my schedule is pretty tight.

6:45 wake up
7:30 leave the first job
8:00-9:00 bike home/gym and fit in my run
9:00-11:30 shower relax and blog then bike to work
12:00-7:30 work at the cafe
8:00 bike to babysit 

This has been my day for three two days now and I'm really proud to actually fit in a run. I know I can give credit to drinking lots of water, eating lot of meals, and getting lots of sleep. Without all those, I'd be worn out by now. (but boy I can't wait to sleep at my own house)

On another note

This is a project I've been working on:

 It's a wall shelf, and I bought it for $1.50 at the thrift shop. I don't want to spoil the after picture but I plan to sand it, spray paint it, and screw it to the wall. I've already done two out of three of those, and boy have I messed up a lot!
It's not easy!

What projects are you working on?

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So, I sad I would be letting things go before my school started so I can get to the things that need to be done. I've made a small list and so far I've been pretty good at sticking to them.

here it is:

  • No Netflix (unless with Loren)
  • No alcohol
  • Less useless time on the net
  • bed before 11
Here is what I want to replace it with:
  • Reading more books 
  • writing in my journal
  • Arts and crafts!
  • Studying (excited no, don't laugh when I start to complain)
  • running
  • being outside
Today was my second out of 14 days that I went on a run, set out to complete my goal. Maybe I should take a step back and explain my goal a little more thoroughly. If you haven't already checked out my list of goals yet, you should. I made a pact to myself on Christmas day after I ran a total of 10 miles. I said, "I will sign up for my first 1/2 marathon after I stick to a training plan for at least two entire weeks without slipping once." I thought this would be easy, like I'd be searching for a marathon by now. But no. It's already February(just learned how to spell that month, and now I'm re-learning how to say it. lol) and I still keep ducking out. But I'm back and I feel Great! 

Here is my training Regimen:

Now, I'v been wanting to run a marathon for al long as I can remember. Ever since I ran my first race in junior high I wanted to be a runner. But typical me, I flaked out because of being to shy to be on a team. 
I've heard many times before, and its written everywhere: marathons are extremely hard. But not impossible. They require lots of training for your mind and body and it takes time to get your body to where you want it to be. 
Knowing me, I'm not that patient and it shows. In the past I've pushed my body to the limits over and over trying to get the results I needed to accomplish a goal. All that left me with where sore muscles and lack of motivation to keep going. I'm not new to training, but It's taking a lot of time for me to stick to the plan and listening to my own body.
That's why my goal on christmas day was not to sign up for a marathon. I knew it would take a lot more effort than that. So I promised myself that I would sign after the 14 days of sticking to the plan. 
Go at your own pace!

This is day two, and I'm feeling great! I'm going to need all the support I can get, so stand by my side and help me through this.
I am so aware that school starts next week and it's going to make it that much tougher, but I kno if I don't get my legs in shape over this semester, I wont get to a marathon for another year. This is it!

Right after the run:

Right before work:
First time I braided my hair in years!!! (so happy)

Do you have a way to sticking to your goals?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

334th- craft

Today I:
ran: 3.8 mi  time 30.4
crafted: Started decorated 3/6 of containers. yet to label them, but, soon, I'll show you the finished product. I've had these for almost 2 years now/ I've always loved them, but somehow they where missing something. I now feel like they're becoming complete!
did errands: Well, thought about doing errands. =]

So much fun!!!

btw, I'll get a small tutorial on those probably this Sunday.


You know you are a coffee addict if you're in tears by 12:00 because you haven't had your cup of coffee. That's me. Loren and I, let me just say, we didn't get our kickstart today. Being our day off, we slept in a little (till noon), ran in circles for an hour (glued to our comps), got ready to finally get out the door for breakfast but instead got stuck in a work meeting(loren) and started many art projects,(me). Long story short we didn't get to breakfast till 4:30 today. This is where the tears came into the picture. For a simple cup of coffee.
Well, more like for food in my belly! I didn't even care where we would eat or what, just something to fill in the space.
Other than that, this day was relaxed, laid back, uneventful.