Monday, February 6, 2012


Music of choice for today: Gotye & Kimbra
It's really hard to express all my feelings in one post for today.
This is not a positive post, sadly. Well, for the most part. I slept in till 9:00 when I was supposed to get Loren at 8:00 and he was late for school. The dryers blew a fuse last night leaving all our clothes sour.
I dropped Loren from school and literally ran all the way home to get get my school stuff and found that Loren left his cell at the house. How the hell is this day going to work!
But it did. Loren got into his math class, I ran off all my steam (3.5 mi exactly, and it felt great to bring my muscles moving as fast as my heart rate. The stress can kill they say), and the rest of it was history.
Of course, today was a very long day. I've been at school all day and all the new information is buzzing through me and I'm having a hard time trying to find a place where to fit it all. I feel a under organized, under prepared, and over stimulated. Typical first day. I know the further into it, the smoother it'll go and the more I'll feel on top of things.
What I really need to do is get slightly more organized. I need to make sure everything has its place as not to get things lost.

What did your fist day feel like?

I feel like to keep me interested in schoolwork, I need to have a sort of freshness to my supplies. Of course I re-use almost everything but a new notebook always feel just right. Especially when its creative a cute. It helps me keep my notes neat since I don't want to mess up something amazing.
Also, I like to listen to music, it keeps me on track (most of the time).
What motivates you to study?

Things I need:

  • new notebooks
  • planner
  • water bottle

So, I must set out to finish my english homework.
Wish me luck!

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