Thursday, February 23, 2012


watch this video =]
Save Our Shores

Im collaborating with them this semester doing photography. Prepare to see and hear more of this. I am soooo excited. I get to get out and do the things I LOVE!

also, I did a 2 mi today. I felt a little out of energy and I havn't been drinking enough H2O and my body can tell. Im really sore.

It was nice to get my legs moving
me after workout:

I can see so much improvement since when I first started. I run faster and mix in some tempo with out over fatigue. I think before I start to tackle longer distances I want to first work on my speed. I feel like I'm at this plateau and i want to start climbing the latter to become that better runner.
What do you usually change? your speed or the distance?

BTW: I have been looking around at races and I think I already have my eye on some.
I decided to stick to my training plan and start with a 5K wich will be in April (sooo soon !!) and the next a 10K in june and then with the half marathon in August!!!
I apologize about the exclamation marks but I am sooo excited and really nervous too!

Haven't yet registered which also makes me nervous, but I need to first save up the cash. =]

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