Tuesday, February 28, 2012


3.5 mi in 26 min! new PR!
"scenic" rout Portolla-capitola rd
hilly hot and sweaty

I had no motivation this morning, but I couldn't sleep past 9.
my morning was slow and lonely so I decided to get out for a run at 10:30
and I was fast. first I should say that I am instinctively competative, thats kind of why I like running alone, so I get to my own pace. I even find myself trying to race bikes, cars, and worse yet are old lady runners wit a million marathons under their belt. Man, it's almost disgarceful that I'm so much more out of shap. but then again it's pretty inspiring.
So today, when I got out, I was trailing a garbage truck. and at every can he'd swerve into my lane, stop, and pick it up...bla bla bla basically I had to pass him. But I also had to keep a good speed so he wouldn't catch up, and boy did it feel like I was running for once, instead a pathetic jog. and at the end of the run, I cought up with another jogger and managed to run up the hill and pass her and keep my speed. I felt like a new runner! this is a really big step for me as a runner and I am very proud =]
I think I can get to 8/mi by may...or atleast I really hope so!
new goal!

How was your tuesday?

oh, and here is me and my homework...

I have exam1 in math tomorrow which means flashcards, notes, and skittles! (yes, my brain need sugar lol)
oh, and I also have 100 pgs in Plato to read =]

good night

btw: another point for Loren
Me: do you want to do math together?
Him: no, I just need a break; a lazy day. A day that I can just sit around and do nothing so I wont break down and cry.


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