Monday, February 13, 2012

322nd- rain

You know how last tuesday I talked about the weather a little bit? About how much I loved the rain? and how it makes me feel all warm inside? Well, all that stays true, except for the fact that it was my "rest" day and I crafted and drank hot Coacoa. but today... you gotta go for a the rain! I was almost frightened by the the stormy weather as I peeked through the curtains this morning. Despite the fact that it lulled me to sleep last night, I was not happy with the weather today.
Now, I'm always a "rain or shine" type of girl. I bike no matter what. But, from this I've learned that sniffles come to those who are ill-prepared. And that's me folks. I don't have the proper attire for an entire day of biking in the rain and being at school till 8:30 soaked. I need to be conscious of my body, and I say no to the cold. Not until I have warmer biking clothes (which os already on my list of things I need).
I always forget that the day after a big run is not meant to be your "best run ever" but rather just a cool down from the day before, as to "soothe your sore muscles so you don't wale stiff for a week and become too sore to run or injure yourself in the process. I tend to have at least 30% less energy the day after a 6mi and 50% less motivated. I'm tired form yesterdays run, last night's math homework, and todays school schedule, so how on earth am I to get my but out of bed when outside it's RAINING!
believe me, I almost passes on my run today, and during it I wish I had (i felt so slow!) but now I am proud to say that I am on day 12 and only two more days to go!


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