Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just watch this short film:
Polyface farm

I have been really busy all day. I woke up and went for a run right away. Then I did my homework just until I had to leave for work at 11:30.
Work was really busy today and I didn't stop moving until the very end of the shift.
Now I have homework to do, clean the house, make dinner, and go to bed. (work at 8 tomorro, thn I babysit at 6pm)

I can't wait till monday!
(no school)

But, I have a huge essay to write, read 4 ch's, and lots of math homework. And that's when I'm on top of slacking allowed!

How was your day?

Me strapped to jam jars after today's run:
I need to get icepacks!!!

Day 1 training:
run: 4mi
time: ~50min
Place: 41st-coronado st
rout: semi-hilly

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