Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yeah, that's right! I finished my entire 14 days of training to train, and boy, it feels amazing!
I can see the improvemnt. In the past, I'v always felt weaker from a workout, or from weeks of routeins, but that was because I followed the wrong paths and initially did it wrong. Folowing this simple trining plan really helped scope out what I had to do to achieve strength in my body while still listening to my body. I had two days that I felt like my body differed from the program and I decided to take the rest I needed and it was a good idea. I felt revived the next day, ready for my next run.
The only thing I want to change is adding a sense of direction for my rest days. Like a yoga class or just personal stretching. Because though I need the rest from running, it seemed to be harder the next day because the lactic acids where just sitting. If I can find something to revive my body other than just resting it, I think It would improve my ability and mobility.

Now, I get to look for a marathon!!!! I am so excited this feels like a great accomplishment you have no idea!

Any goals you've gotten to lately?
what do you need to work on?

Proof that I'm drinking more water:

Proof that I haven't kept my room clean =/"
but it's also proof that I wear the skirt that I made. And I have new shoes ;]

thanks for listening! 

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