Sunday, February 12, 2012

323rd-Sunday 6mi

$2.50 Running pants

Today I is when I'm glad to have run yesterday.
Days like today, I feel the strength of my "training" kick in and show what it's worth. And boy, did it feel great. Almost like it was doing all the work and I could just sit and watch. I ran my sunday 6mi around 5:00pm and the fog covered all of 41st so I wore my long pants (as appose to short pants? lol) Long runs are my favorite, as appose to the daily shortys, my weekly long ones are when I can see my practice come to life. I seriously felt like I was running as appose to jogging.  This is day 11! Almost done!
Look out For this wed 15th (if I make it to day 14) I will do a complete wrap-up of my 14 days of training to train. And from then on I will do a daily+weekly run&workout totals so you and I can see my progress.

Post run injury prevention:
Because I don't have ice =]

time for my Sunday wrap up:

  • I've stayed on top of my homework
  • I've stuck to my "training"
  • I have been drinking more water

  • I'd like to finish my projects
  • KEEP my room clean
  • budget 
Thank you fore reading!


  1. Good fucking job on a succesful week:)
    (I need to budget really badly too!)

  2. It was a really tough week, butI got through it!
    Loren and I really need to find the "loop hole" of our budget to see where all our money is going lol