Tuesday, February 7, 2012

328th- School

Today's Weather: 
This just might by my favorite types of weather. Cold, foggy, and some slight rain. It calls for a cup of hot coacoa and a loved one (or decent friend) to cuddle with and watch a film.

But that's not what I did today.

"one who seeks to rule does not seek to rule well. Because one who seeks the art of ruling would seek to help people but one who seeks to rule only seeks it for his own advantage."

This is my paraphrase from Plato, the republic, book 1.
Getting back into the theme of school it feels just like opening up this book. It's scary, long, but worth it. (I know this is some weird analyses of the two, but these are the emotions I am getting from the both. I have never gotten so much wisdom from 20 page in my entire life. Not one textbook could sum up the knowledge Plato and Socrates "give" nor could they be as enjoyable. I really think my brain capacity has grown in the past two days. This is the advantage of being a young motivated human being. There is always room to grow, and there is not limit to knowledge.

Today I:

  • went to French class
  • spoke to my dad
  • paid rent
  • sent mail
  • did phone "errands"
  • did HW (math, English, and Journalism)
  • Did not craft
  • won the lottery ($30) well, my other half did, butI like to take some credit.
It was a really productive day. and though I didn't craft, I'm not sad about it. I did everything on my list while staying sane all along.

As for my training to train for a marathon. Today was my rest day and I accepted it willingly. I was a bit sore, but not super. That is due to all the stretching I've been doing. I would say just as important (or more) it is to run consistantly, you must stretch.  cannot repeat that enough times. Also, a rest day is as important so your muscles have time to heal and get ready for another run. Without the healing process, it ma become (and in most cases it's sure to become) an injury.

Eat more. Drink more. Sleep more. Run more! 
that's my motto =]

Also, I bought a planner today. 


I hope these photos help set the mood of a rainy warm-feeling day!

Thanks for listening!

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