Sunday, February 5, 2012

330th- run

Okay, so I didn't get to run at 6:45 this morning ( I swear I didn't hear my alarm 'till 7:30) which was sort of a bummer since I knew my day would run a little later than I wanted since I'd be doing my 4 mi (which ended up being a 6mi) after work. Now that I'm posting at 6:00 tonight instead around 4:30. I'm only taking note of this because once school starts (tomorrow!!!) I'm going to have to make every last minute count (meaning morning runs are a must)
Also, I noticed how my mind focused on the run all day I was sort of anxious to get it over with). The good thing about today was (well there's a few good things) I stored up on energy all day and I felt totally prepared by the time I put on my running shoes. Also, My ankle did not hurt one bit!!! This is a total breakthrough for me, it's been a really long time that I've been suffering through each run and halfway through today's, I realized I was completely pain free!! wohoo!
I enjoy running outdoors so much more that the gym. There's the breeze, scenery, people, and fresh air. The only thing is I feel like I push myself so much more on the treadmill because I see my speed, pace, and time. I seem to always be so much more tired when I'm done. But today I beat some of my own record time and that was a 6 mi!! The thing is, when I'm outside all I have is distance and that's how it's measured and I think that's why I seem to lag a lot more. That's why I want a Garmin so I can see the "numbers" (whats a garmin? push on this Link)  But then I'm afraid I will lose the freedom and joy of running outdoors, but if it improves my pace, it will all be worth it =]

Thank you for listening!


  1. ^ miles! That's my goal! (Lol I'm still only walking 2)

    Good job!

  2. Mar you are an amazing motivational human being. I totally believe you will get to those miles and more. I remember when you ran faster and harder than me, and now that you have the healthy choice, It's important to go at your own pace. I can't wait till we get to bike and run together!