Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You know you are a coffee addict if you're in tears by 12:00 because you haven't had your cup of coffee. That's me. Loren and I, let me just say, we didn't get our kickstart today. Being our day off, we slept in a little (till noon), ran in circles for an hour (glued to our comps), got ready to finally get out the door for breakfast but instead got stuck in a work meeting(loren) and started many art projects,(me). Long story short we didn't get to breakfast till 4:30 today. This is where the tears came into the picture. For a simple cup of coffee.
Well, more like for food in my belly! I didn't even care where we would eat or what, just something to fill in the space.
Other than that, this day was relaxed, laid back, uneventful.

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