Saturday, February 11, 2012


I love waking up early! I feel my best on the days I get an early star, even if I don't get anything done, my mood is just better.
Today I worked 'till 2:30 and biked strait home from there. On the way I heard sirens and payed no attention. Then I heard four more, a fire truck, and a rescue boat. This finally got me interested, and almost teary-eyed. "who is out in the water hurt?" I though perhaps it was a kid, and since loren is a surfer, I always things like that could happen to him. So I raced the trucks to the spot (wishing I had my camera WITH me and not i  the car) but when I got there it was a false alarm. Phewf! but seriously, what do you think when you hear sirens. When I lived in San Francisco they ended up being just part of the background noise and I started to pay no notice, but being near the beach on a semi-stormy huge-waved day it gets me thinking. I want to stay this caussious about my surroundings all the time and stop pretending people don't matter to me, because the do.

what I did today:

  • work
  • Journalism homework (1/2, just took the photos)
  • 2 mi run (not my best, still feeling a bit under the weather, but it felt good)
  • read
  • started my math
Man it feels good!

When do you like to workout? before or after you get things done?

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