Friday, February 3, 2012


Sparkle nail polish:

I totally don't do sparkles, and seldom do I even do pink. And up till now did I ever really wear nail polish. It was Loren's idea. He wants to see more of the "girl" in me. And I don't blame him. Im a rough, tough, dirt loving, sweaty girl most of the time. But I have been stepping back from my sporty needs and taking care of the other stuff. Painting my nails, doing my hair, and moisturizing! It's actually a lot of fun. 
Now, problem is, loren is conflicting with the sparkles! I do admit, they're a bit off the top, but I love 'em!

What do you think? can I pull them off?

On another subject, more about the sweaty side of me, I went on a run today! three days in out of 14 horray. I was really feeling it this morning, a bit stiff from yesterday, but I got great sleep last night! went to bed at 11:00 and it felt great to wake up this morning! I should mention to you, I've been babysitting over night for two 4 year olds since wed, and today is the last day.  So my schedule is pretty tight.

6:45 wake up
7:30 leave the first job
8:00-9:00 bike home/gym and fit in my run
9:00-11:30 shower relax and blog then bike to work
12:00-7:30 work at the cafe
8:00 bike to babysit 

This has been my day for three two days now and I'm really proud to actually fit in a run. I know I can give credit to drinking lots of water, eating lot of meals, and getting lots of sleep. Without all those, I'd be worn out by now. (but boy I can't wait to sleep at my own house)

On another note

This is a project I've been working on:

 It's a wall shelf, and I bought it for $1.50 at the thrift shop. I don't want to spoil the after picture but I plan to sand it, spray paint it, and screw it to the wall. I've already done two out of three of those, and boy have I messed up a lot!
It's not easy!

What projects are you working on?


  1. Love the sparkles, Rock on. Projects:
    love you!