Wednesday, March 14, 2012


oops, another miss-hap post!

when I begin to get the feeling that the world is crushing in to me I have to remember to breath; that everything is going to be OK. But getting to this point sometimes feels impossible. I get so caught up in my worries and stresses, I begin to forget the LOVE that is in this world. The trees, the sky, the ocean, the rain. All these beautiful things that are real, unlike my false reality of anxiety that school and work brings.
In order to breath, I think of these things. I think of climbing, of hiking, of laying in the sun. And sometimes, this is what saves me from myself.

Today, I woke up at 8:00 expecting to have a "free day"
I got Loren to school (made coffee, scones, and lunch...) and then I tried to get myself together. So I went for a run. In the rain/wind/cold/stormy weather. It was a 2.5 miler and it was AMAZING. I got back breathing and sweating more than I have in a while. and I PR'd!!
I've begun to realize that running has really become therapeutic. It truly relives me of stress and allows me to focus on my studies. I really don't know what I'd do without it.
But then my world flipped upside-down. I FORGOT that I had work today! and the cafe called..."where are you, Melissa?" :/ I was covering for a co-worker today...and I totally forgot.

Tis, for some reason, really REALLY screwed my entire day. I had a stack of books to read, a 5 pg essay to write, and I was late on a much-needed nap. Bummer.

And for some reason, I instantly felt sick.

I know was really going to mess up my week.

But lets look on the plus side, shall we?

  • I made some doe (and dough)
  • I got to take home some food
  • I... I... oh, what's the use

On another note, I really want these things:

This shirt:
from a really amazing shop in Hawaii

and ALL of this. 

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