Friday, May 4, 2012


I heard someone say yesterday that "when I'm surfing in a foreign place, I never hesitate; I don't fear the unknown waters. I see the great waves and I jump in the water. but here (at home) I always feel like things are "owned", that I need to fear the places where the pro go. Here, I stick to only what I know"

ok, so they didn't say exactly that, but I was jotting down notes at the moment. I was just being nosey.

To me this really shined light on a lot of things in my life.

Yeah vacations are meant for being more relaxed and layed back. And new "foreign" places are meant to be explored. But when it comes to being home, I often see a pattern of reclusiveness. For me, I don't get out as much. I rarely explore my home and even fear it at times. This is something I want to work on, to climb those walls and enjoy the home that I have.

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