Tuesday, May 8, 2012


ok, so today was nearly the exact repeat of yesterday but with MORE work and LESS school.
Got up at 5 and worked 'till 2:30 yay!
so, let's add the amount of hours of sleep I've had since saturday: 11? and the amount I should have? 24. yep, I'm doomed.
My legs BURN with each step, and my ankles are aching all day long. Luckily I found my trusty Tiger Balm cream (why hadn't I thought about that earlier) and applied it all over my legs 500 3 times. oh yes.

So, next time?

  • don't plan to work + school right after a race 
  • stretch before + after race (more like yoga)
  • bring water everywhere (this is something I never do)
Like a true beginner runner, I tried to get away with breaking all the rules expecting to turn out alive ok. Bad Idea. Those rules are there for a reason (and you DON'T have to learn them the hard way) just listen to your body and try to follow these simple steps.

  1. drink lots of water 30 min before and after race (water+electro lights). keep hydrated during training as well, this will improve your progress, I know from lack of experience. 
  2. get a goo night of sleep. especially after the race. this is your recovery time, where your muscles are actually healing. It's actually not AS important before the race (except for energy wise).
  3. sunscreen
  4. stretch!
other than that, it's really about preference. what you use for energy (food, coffee, sport drinks etc)=] 
I hope this was enlightening!

btw, as obnoxious as it is, I could talk about this race all day long (and that medal, why can't I wear it everyday?) 

What's something obnoxious (and self loving) that you can't stop talking/thinking/dreaming about?

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