Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm in Tahoe baby!

today, I woke up at 9 and went for a run (1mi just for a cool down for yesterdays longy.)

anyways, lets back up a smidgen... last night we (Loren and I) stayed up 'till 3:00 am. Everybody else stayed up 'till 6:00am. So... early start was not gunna happen. (well, a few unnamed people of da party didn't wake 'till 12:00) so... this made a no go for the slopes. no biggy, Loren and Ii had other plans...
Canoeing around Lake Tahoe! we happened to stay at a friends house who's backyard looks like this:

 We made sure to take a map with us
 And Loren showin' off his sixpack.
And then dropping his shirt...oops
 And ofcourse I'm just awesome.
This was like the MOST AMAZING VIEW OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Yeah, so, what where you doing around 10:00am today??
then we had some good brecky:
Have you ever tried that jam? so weird, and well, I actually didn't like it, but still, I still advise to try things that are new. you never know what you'll end up with. Either way, a good breakfast is always a the best way to start your day. amen.

It gave Loren and I a LOT of ENERGY! or maybe it's just Tahoe. (yeah, that's a pathetic pile of snow, but it's still awesome!)

We hit up the huge city of tahoe (aka ski rentals and tourist joints)
Then we stopped for some more yummers...

After  headed to watch the hunger games. Which was ACTUALLY a good movie. did not expect that.
funny thing is, Loren and I had a really great day, even though we didn't get to the snow. We where together and just had fun. but the day was not over yet, we later met with more friends...

And went to the pier to watch the sunset
 and be really cute

and then not so cute:
we decided to go shopping for food instead of eating out. Our hotel has everything (kitchen, hott tub, and b-fast) ...our friend had a free ride =]. But we still like to budget since this trip is still pretty pricy ($91

and then we had some real dinner:
(more than just a plate...soo good!)

I hope your doing well, I'll keep updating, but as for now.. I'm off to sleep...(need to get my ski on tomorrow)
good night!


  1. yeah, stopped blogging for some reason. I don't really know why...
    but all is good =]