Monday, April 2, 2012

273rd-pink shoes

First pink Adidas shoe run:
It was amazing. I felt like I had a whole new pair of running legs. This was not like any old day that I felt maybe faster, stronger, or just all around better/more inspired while running. No, this was something completely different, and I blame it a\on the shoes. They made the difference, and in this case, it was the difference that counter. I will never go back to an over-used non-running shoe ever. There is NOTHING comparable to how I felt today and I am never going back!
Granted it was still a hard run. my legs hurt, and I am sitting here tyiping this drenched in sweat (no I haven't taken a showere yet) but these shoes (on there own) improved my running. Now, I can't wait to see what an actual pair of fitted ones will do (once I understand shoes more).

After the run I did my salt ritual. and boy, it was funn?
Yeah, it was actually really hard. But boy did I feel revitalized =]
 And then... I had WATER and a peanut butter Cookie.
Oh, and then some real breakfast duh (but I'm a boring Bfast eater, so no pictures)

Thanks for listening!

How do you make sure you drink enough water throughout the day?

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