Sunday, April 8, 2012


Great start to a great day!
first things first... it's Easter and that's amazing! and well, this was the first Sunday in a long while that I have not had to work! amazing. So, this was my beginning to my spring break.

I woke up around 8:00 to get my first REAL long run this entire training. I ran 9 miles to the Capitola shipwreck and back. Let me say... it was not as bad as I thought it'd be. I did a decent 8:30 pace and didn't feel like my lungs where going to explode...but my legs did feel a little dead by the end. overall, a two thumbs up!

Then, I hit up my post run bfast oatmeal, avo, and molasses. mmm
funfact: did you know brown sugar is sugar cane mixed with molasses? that's why I love it!

And Loren's Breakfast... haha not really but kinda.
(Loren said he likes being around me 'cuz I'm like his healthy half, ha!)

Soo, let me spill some beans on you (no, not a fart)
Loren and I got invited to TAHOE this spring break. I haven't let you know yet 'cuz I found out yesterday and we weren't really sure if it would work out. BUT IT DID! and we're leaving TODAY and coming back WEDNESDAY! amazing I know.

So this was me at 11:00 today:
I had to go through our ENTIRE storage (seriously) to get all our ski gear together. NOT FUN. almost died and nobody would have found me. =/ But I survived and was ready around 2:00(yeah, I'm slower)

But before we got on the road, Loren HAD to go surfing (duh) and I HAD to take pictures (duh) we are a pretty good couple don't ya think?

(more photos to come)

Then... we were off.

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