Thursday, April 5, 2012


Loren's craft:

I think sometimes I get a little old always blogging about me me me!
So there's been a twist (for a few days, don't worry, I'll get back to my amazing life soon =])

So... I haven't even old what the project is yet... but I think I like keeping it a small secret for a while.. until then I can bring you through what he's be doing.

Today and yesterday, he bought some wood. and he took three hours to buy that wood. and he also spen a few hundred $$ to buy that wood (and a few tools as well.)

Boy, don't you just love looking at that wood =]
Oh, and I'm also working on this:

Yes I'm painting/crafting again!! I went through sort of a dry spell for a few weeks there, but I'm back!
this painting is not done yet, but soon =]

(I guess I can't stop talking about myself...sorry =/)

6.8 mi

running was fun/killer today
went halfway to the shipwreck today. it was hot, hard, and I sweated a ton!!
definitely resorted to licking salt afterward. lol

what projects are you working on??

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