Sunday, January 29, 2012

337th-work out

Why I work out... a new realization.
As I clung on to the boulder at 4:35 today I had a huge realization of why I love (and also hate) working out. I just got off a long work day at the cafe and was already strung out. Still I mounted my bike and rode to the climbing gym. I knew I needed it and part of me wanted it, but I "didn't feel like it". I wasn't even sure if I was going to climb, run, lift weights, or do push-ups, all I knew is I was going to put all my efforts and mind to what I was going to do no matter what. A few days ago I was browsing a runners blog and something I read surprised me. She said that "even though i love running, I only really love it 50% of the time, but it always puts me in a better mood afterward." It surprised me because, well, I feel exactly the same way! Somehow, in the end of every workout, I feel like a completely different person. My mind is clearer, my body feels stronger, and I'm just a whole lot livelier. Weather I'm skiing on the mountain or surfing in the ocean it is my purpose in life to be active.
I've come to realize that I stop thinking about my insecurities or stress about work. I don't have time to sit and dwell about all my problems while I'm working out and in the end I feel truly invincible.
Now, this does bring another minute problem into the picture. The days I don't work out, I slowly slip into boredom and slight depression. I feel like I have no purpose so I end up doing nothing. This make my mood go up and down severely and it actually raises stress which impairs my health.

What I really need is a workout routine that will best fit in with works and school. Part of having this "me time" is being able to enjoy it with a clear mind. I can't stand not being active, and even though I can't go climbing in yosemite  every day (though I wish I could) I need to start taking more care on my body's needs and stay true to myself.

What do you do to stay active? is there any trick you have to getting a routine and sticking to it?

Thank you for listening!


  1. I once read that the most important thing you can do to be successful is get buff. Get buff? How does that make any sense? Well, if you think about a business man or woman you picture someone who is in control of their daily duties, they are smart about the decisions they make, and they are in control over every aspect of their life and the lives of those around them. Exercise is the same basic idea. Even when it's difficult or boring, we preserver and push ourself to the limit. The most important thing is your health, starting from the inside out. So if you have the capacity to exercise routinely imagine all the other traits you will learn to pick up..

    Why I exercise: As one of my new years resolutions exercise was meant to act as a habit that would help me do better in school. You might be thinking.."How'd she get from running to straight A's?"
    Like I was mentioning above, if you have the capacity to maintain an exercise regime what other regimes will you be able to hold up? I read somewhere that exercise helps, (among other things) with brain function. I knew that this semester in order to do well I would have to a) have the ability to spend hours doing homework and not be LAZY and procrastinate, and b) have the mental capacity to do that. So, each day I exercise to help keep me motivated and working hard.

    It's a win/win situation: when I study I get inspired to exercise, and when I exercise I get inspired to study:)

  2. Well put Marie. My answer was more simple. I signed up for weightlifting at school. Sure its not yoga, but it is at the beginning of my day and leaves me sore and satisfied. I also have the good fortune to have a weight set and treadmill at home which provide me more with more opportunities. Speaking of homework procrastination.. Im gonna go. LOVE!

    1. Ha! This blog is proof of every time we're not doing homework. lol. I've thought about getting a tread meal thing a ma-gig but a) waste of money and b) there is a beautiful terrain outside waiting for my feet to attack it.

      :) We should all do yoga or go on a run together eventually the next time we're in the same area code;)