Sunday, January 29, 2012


Every time relaxation pops into my life, I freeze up. I don't know what to do. Should I sit down, stand up, take a nap, watch a movie? Never does it cross my mind that maybe I could read a book, or write in a journal, or actually take that nap. What usually ends up happening is I stare at my computer screen for hours on end doing absolutely nothing. To me, doing nothing NEVER feels just right. After the hours I spent doing "nothing" are gone, I realized I literally wasted my time; Time that could have been useful. The funny part of this realization is half of my life I spend wanting to do something and the other I spend wishing I could do "nothing". The point is, I don't think I have found the "balance between the two. If I weren't so eager to be doing something constantly to the point of pushing my limits then I would want to spend the rest of my time doing nothing to "rebound". Brain over load , over exertion, or a pile of errands all cause me to explode and the moment I finally have to "myself" I just sit and stare at the wall wishing I could move a finger.
I guess it all comes down to procrastination. If you haven't noticed yet, It's rare that I ever get to posting until around 11:00 at night, about the time where I should already be sound asleep. Yes you could say that it because of my busy works schedule, and part of that's is true. But a lot of it has to do with just waiting till the last minute. Being lazy really. You see, even though I've been consistent with posting daily, and that of I'm proud of, I haven't yet solved my "problem" with procrastination. And nearing the start of school, this is really beggining to worry me. How am I going to tackle work, school, this bog, and still have the down time that I need to be sane?

So, I do need a bit of a change. Perhaps it's been the vacation that's put me in this lazy mode, or maybe it's my lifestyle, either way I need to shape up; and shape up quick.
So, in the next few day, I'll be eliminating the things from my life that are stopping me from getting things done. Now, you all know how I love (and need) the little things in life so don't think I'll stop watching movies, sun tanning, or taking naps all together, but I'll definitely be trimming the time I spend doing those things.

Wish me luck!

How do you organize your life? by day? by week? do you write down things, or just memorize them?

also, what really keeps you motivated.


  1. Balance is Key. It is, I would venture to say, the purpose of life. This means that you wont necessarily find perfect balance right away, if you did what would the point of living be? What would us humans do if we had nothing to strive for? Balance is the answer to so many things.

    Organization: I absolutely write EVERYTHING down. I'll even go as far as to write things that have already happened down. There's no way I would be able to manage my life if I didn't have little reminders here and there to keep my mind on tract. Yes my mind. I'm sure you know the feeling of doing one thing when your mind is completely somewhere else. This habit is highly inefficient: there's no way you can complete the thing you're doing because your mind is preoccupied on another chore or task, and there's no way you can finish the other task because, well you're currently occupied on the thing you're doing.

    I get this way with homework especially. For example reading your Gov. homework while freaking out about how much Geography you have left..useless! It's at those times that having a daily planner really makes the difference. If I know that 2:00 to 5:00 is Gov. and 5:30 to 6:30 is Geography I can allow my mind to remain on my currant task. Simple but not easy.

    And for Motivation: There are two kinds of motivation; long term and short term. Long term for me is thinking where I want to be in 4 months or 4 years from now. Do I still want to be doing my Gov. homework? I think not! And short term is simple enough: If I give up on this, what other aspects of my life are at risk of failure?

    This is a very polarized way of thinking, "all or nothing", which is not necessarily healthy but fuck it gets the job done.

    Good luck bby gurl<3

  2. My real issue are day to day procrastinations, and I feel that it may lead to a long term failure. I don't know how I left last semester with all A's but I did. This semester I want to know for sure where I'm going at all time. deff must start with a planner. organizing my entire day will for sure help keep me on track.
    Thank you for the support!