Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I did a lot on my sewing project and boy amy I glad I didn't try making a tutorial. Unless I wanted to show 100 ways to mess up. I seriously could not stop making mistakes on the "simple" romper. But I assure that it doesn't stop here. I will try until I succeed and then perhaps even make a tutorail. I know one thing for sure, that to know something right, you must also know it wrong. (I just finished a samurai movie, had to add some wisdom speech.)

So, for todays work this is where I'm at:

I love love love the look of it, but only one problem: It doesn't fit. It's become one of those projects wher you alter a little here a little there and still getting nowhere. My butt is far too large and no matter how much I try to make it fit, It keeps getting more awkward and less fun. (I even added lace to the side so it would stretch more, and it still wont fit) It's quite frustrating.
So, what should I do? start over? or is it possible to make this work?

BTW: this is some nice memory fabric for those who know me. It's sort of funny seeing my shirts all cut up and altered.

good night.


  1. Very interesting. I'd say start over but I can not escape the fact that those shirts have been through so much! They survived high school, traveled to Costa-Rica, explored Mexico, and even lived in San Francisco for a semester, sheesh I just don't think I could muster the idea of them going to waste. I'd say, get A LOT of lace (I love the lace on the side btw) and make it work!
    If not, there's always the option of making a pillow case;)

    "To know something right, you must also know it wrong" -story of my life.

  2. As attached to these shirts as I am, I must face the fact that I made a huge mistake. I know that I may be able to save it, but I think in the end I would enjoy the outcome a lot more if I started over even if that means with new fabric. (a like the pillow idea)