Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"If you follow all your dreams, you might get lost." -Neil Young

This quote can definitely sum up my life. Trying to do everything all at once i'm only left with a mess. I have so many projects on my list and so little time on my hands that it's hard not to cram everything in one day. This only sucks all the fun out of life. It makes crafting a chore and kicks sleeping off my list of priorities.

Today was quiet, calm, and relaxing. Loren and I spent a lazy day in the house together and it was amazing. We spent an hour on my resume and cover letters and well, all I can say is that it's getting there. I finally got out of my "bed" mood at 4 pm and I suited up for a run. The only thing I hate about "lazy do nothing" days is that well... nothing gets done. Before leaving I said to Loren "I wish I could just do the dishes...or maybe complete my resume.. or, or...do something. I just don't feel like I've accomplished anything." Loren gave my the eye and said
"Babe seriously, you need to do something for yourself. It's your day off. you don't need to accomplish anything."
That's when it all hit me. Well, really it was during the run that it made total sense. Doing something for myself means getting things done. How will I be able to blog when my house is a mess? how can I get a job when I don't have a complete resume? When can I begin my next project? 
The very moment I got back from my run (which was absolutely what I needed) I got to work. I cleaned the entire house, made something to eat, and took a shower. With no chores to do I now had room to craft. Which is exactly what I did.

reduce, reuse, RE-LABEL!

I made a beautiful flower vace out of a Jack Daniels bottle. AndI love it!. I even got to use some of the leftover tea-stained paper from my calendar project, score!
Here is the mini tutorial.
  1. make tea stained paper
  2. create a "label" using photoshop. I used three different images and created my own text.
  3. draw on where you want to cup out. Try following the curve of the bottle. eg. a wine bottle will be a simple tube.
  4. put elmers glue or mod podge on both the bottle and the lable and carfully put in place. to smooth out use another clean sheet of paper (make sure not to use gooey finger.)
Et vois la! you have a beautiful recycled bottle! 

What "found objects" have you recycled? Any good ideas?
 I hope you're happy and healthy. craft on!


  1. Wow those are so great. I love them how did you think of that?
    You're skills are so impressive!

  2. haha, well... there was a few bottles lying around to start with.
    the creative juices have been flowing now that I have this craft room to decorate.
    the label turned out really great!