Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is what I did today:

It's cold, rainy, and a season for cutting your sweater? yes...and then making it into leg warmers! Though, today, I just cut up my sweater. I guess I just didn't get to finishing it with ALL the lazy sitting I had to instead. (day off, cough cough)
I also got pretty excited taking pictures of it too. What an ugly sweater. I got it for $3 at the thrift shop. 

Well, the real news for today is my camera's disfunction =[. If you haven't noticed already, my blog is lacking the beauty of a DSLR (I've replaced it with Photobooth and the internet) because my battery is dead. You may be thinking "why don't I charge it?" and that's what I thought too, but it's been charging for three days... cut to the case, it's a goner =[ sooo, I'll be getting a new one soon (hopefully) and until then, I'll do my best.

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